Julia Nazren and Shuhada Shafie Entries

Be in the right group is too synonym with Adibah Karimah…. hehe..why??..choose the right group is very important when you want to start a business as a TEAM!..for me, i feel so blessed & lucky to be one of team members under Green Leaders Acadamy Malaysia (GLAM)…We have a good TEAMWORK and that’s why our network makin berkembang ke seluruh Malaysia, Sabah Sarawak..not only in Malaysia, but GLAM now opens in Singapore and also Qatar..more to come..insyaALLAH..;)

Here i just want to share another testimoni from my direct protege Julianazren who has same issues with me & others do the same business & company but choose to be with me for second time..Alhamdulillah, with the good effort she manages to get what she has achieved. So, lets click here http://www.julianazren.com/2013/05/be-in-right-group.html

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I really know it feels know when your business failed… Nak berjaya, nak income besar, nak bergaya & bermewah, tapi tidak kesampaian.. Actually, to get all these things of course you must have 80% effort dalam diri sendiri, 10% from Team, and another 10 % with leader…if combine all together 100%  insyaALLAH, SUCCESS is yours… btw, Thanxs to my anak didik DSM Julianazren chose me as your leader. What you have done its all pay off… you made it! Lets together we achieve more & more…;)Cubaan kali kedua membuahkan hasil yg lebih berharga..Anggap percubaan untuk kali pertama adalah dugaan dari yg maha Esa…
Next entry, from my direct Leader Shuhada Shafie.. So surprise because the entry specially goes to me…hehe..touching!..;p 
 Why she choose me as her leader…full entry can visit her blog http://www.shuhadashafie.com/2013/05/who-is-cdm-adibah-karimah.html
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petikan from entry Shuhada
Congratulations DSM Shuhada, qualified first trip Europe London & Paris.. Impian menjadi kenyataan.. Bila Impian dan Matlamat kita jelas confirm apa yg kita impikan akan tercapai dengan hasil usaha yg berterusan & do not Give Up!..

insyaALLAH, I will try my best to be as a good leader & guide all my protege as well… like what I get nowadays, I will make sure my partners also get the same thing..

With this business in Network Marketing, nothing impossible..
“Relakan diri anda dibimbing, follow the step, insyaalllah KEJAYAAN pasti milik anda..

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  1. Salam kenal…
    TAHNIAH diatas kejayaan..pastinya bukn semudah itu berada dikemuncak…tetapi usaha yg berterusan.. jerih perih dan air mata menghasilkan senyum ketawa hari ini…
    Blog puan memmberi inspirasi…
    Teruskan berusaha dan teruslah menulis…
    Saya akan terus membacanya ..in sya ALLAH..

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