Business trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Pertama kali menjejakkan kaki ke Sabah untuk berjumpa rakan kongsi

This coming Weekend on 27th & 28th July I will be at Kota Kinabalu, SABAH to meet my team, my Business Partners over there. Currently I ada few agents minuman kopi kesihatan Mineral Coffee dan sabun Marine Essence Beauty Bar di Sabah.

This is my first time jejakkan kaki di negeri bawah bayu. Always plan with mr hubby nak pergi sabah nak naik Gunung Kinabalu la, nak pergi holiday di Pulau Sipadan la..hehe..Bila tengok attraction at Sabah im so deep in Love! So many attractions over there right? yang terkenal dengan panggilan ‘negeri dibawah bayu’.
Pergi pulak time bulan puasa dan agak mencabar, menahan nafsu serakah yg suka mencuba new things food. Lol..;p So, of course im super duper excited to be there!

So anyone from Sabah who’s looking for Business Opportunity, part time job to backup your income, this is Chance to know more details what im doing. With this business you can generate 4-5 figure income every month, FREE trip travel around the world 3 times a year, Car Fund, Saving for your future, Freedom of Life & Time… So how? let me explain to you. Book your appointment with me now…;) Be part of my Adibah Karimah Protege under Awesomazing Team Glampreneur.

Mahu berjaya mesti mulakan langkah pertama bersama Awesomazing Team



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