Hello Seoul Korea!

Free holiday yo Seoul Korea with Awesomazing Team

Its time to FLY & Say GoodBye Malaysia tonite! Say Hye to Korea! yuhuuu.. Alhamdulillah, today is the time to all GLAMpreneurs creating havoc in Seoul Korea with Kpop style! Everyone of course over excited especially the first timer..Bila pergi with team members dalam satu kumpulan yang besar memang akan terasa bahang yang sangat luar biasa! Gelombang Hijau “I LOVE GLAM” membanjiri KLIA. hehe.. This is the time to all out Shopping & enjoy sepuasnya di sana..Melontar peluru di setiap sudut Shopping place & menjerit keriangan di Lotte World Theme park! i love roller coaster..hahaha…memangla takut tapi perasaan nak naik terover sudah..lol ;p…

So for all you guys kat luar sana still looking for business opportunity, want to do as a side income or to have Fun FREE Travel in Gold Coast soon! Do contact my beloved committed partners &  can set appointment with them under Awesomazing Team!

Lembah Klang
Shuhada – 012 986 9839
Lembah Klang
Safarina – 012 301 3959
Putrajaya/ Sri Kembangan 
Zahirine – 012 270 0873
Klang/ Shah Alam 
Radenina – 019 318 4662
Kedah/ Penang
Salwatul – 019 447 7369
Fatimah – 019 518 0195
Terengganu/ Kuantan
Faten – 019 959 9209
Sabah/ Sarawak
Mardiana- 013 552 9577

Package FREE Trip to Gold Coast is still open! dont miss this chance to get your own ticket & together we have fun overthere! im still open my shop 24 hours even bercuti pun. Roaming kan ada..heheee. Wish me & all my team members Selamat pergi dan pulang! In shaa Allah..;) Till we meet again in next entry what happen in Seoul KOREA along our journey over there. Stay tune babeh..:)

Free holiday to gold coast with Awesomazing Team

free trip with me to Gold Coast
Lots of love,
Adibah Karimah 
019 6615447

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