Follow the Leader

Hanis haizi is one of the top leaders in malaysia earning
6 FIGURE income every month!!!she started doing this business at early 25th years old n now 27th..So, she only takes less than 2 years to become a CDM!!! Hanis ni my idol in business!! i have been following her blog even since before i met her..Everyday when opened facebook, blog directly click name of hanis haizi..tangan ni dah tahu2 je, buka internet direct to blog & facebook hanis..i really want to know her routine everyday..apa yg dia buat, pegi mana..bla..bla..sampai my husband ckp just call or msg her!!!da mcm angau ngan hanis sampai termimpi2 jumpa funny!!!guys, u know why???becoze i really admire her achievement!!!
she is still young but can take da challenge to make 6 figure every month!!!!wowww..everytime i opened her blog, always be, one day i beranikan diri to message her & make an appointment..that time really2 excited nak jumpa hanis with my husband!!!!at last, bila dah jumpe dgn hanis, tgk HER STYLE, SOFT SPOKEN,FRIENDLY tanpa fikir panjang terus join..i trust her & i really confident she can help me to change my life turn around 360″..:))so now, hanis is my leader & we do this business together..keyword to be successful in this business, “JUST FOLLOW THE LEADER”..HAVE A GREAT, GOOD LEADER CAN GUIDE US TO BECOME LIKE HER”..
we will guide U all from “0” to be “hero”..YEAHHHH


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