Back to my Hometown!!

(weehuuu..back to my hometown!!)

Hello people!!! actually baru je balik dari terengganu (my hometown) meet my luvly & beautiful client..a.k.a (new business partner)..i have lots of fun wif my client at kuala terengganu..actually dah agak lama x balik coz bz dgn business area utara &, lepas ni mmg kerapla balik coz business partner dah melebarkan sayap ke pantai timur plak!!syukur, alhamdulillah..(i loikeee u oulsss..coz blh balik kg slalu)weehuu…:)balik trg 6&7hb baru ni, then shoot balik kl balik, mlm ni (9hb) shoot to trg balik..fuhhh, ni betul2 berbisnes kan, free time boleh pegi mn2 je i sukeeee..weeee..sekejap utara, timur, selatan, barat..i really happy wif my job!!weeehuuuuuuu…thanks a lot to my client & new business partner coz give me chance to share this business wif u oulss..really appreciate it!!so, alang2 dah berbisnes biar sampai jadi bara(kata2 leaderku)..prove to people that we also can be a successful person..”orang lain berjaya, xkan kita x boleh berjaya”..THINK POSITIVE & CONFIDENT with OURSELF!!!so, for those people in terengganu yg masih tercari2 peluang utk berbisnes, side income, come join wif us!!will guide u all along da way..!!!weeee:)


pagi2 sampai di terengganu, 10am dah ada appointment dkt kfc pantai k.trg, then shoot pegi a&w jumpa client “safura aufa” & her fren “ila”..she is da one of my reader, i make app wif her, & we meet up!!she want to know more detail bout this business & kehebatan premium beautiful..& then register be my business partner too..:)

sesi malam, i meet my old fren!sejak form 2 x jumpa2 dah..fuhhh, dah lama sgt sampai anak dua br jumpe..weee…last2, we meet at facebook..chatting & she want to know what im doing now!!she’s exicited to know how i get da free of charge travel & want to know more detail bout this business!!so, we meet up & insyaallah she also will be my business partner in terengganu!!welcome to u my dear…gheeee:)

Da next day, i meet my best fren”lilis” she’s pregnant 8 month!!eventho, satu bulan je nak deliver tp semangat berbisnes kental membara..cewaaahh,.lilis ni one of my best fren at smkss..we partner at class..& until now we still keep in touch!! everthing we shared together..:)weee..thanks a lot to mummy coz give 200% support to her daughter to do this business wif me…(i loikeee…”mmg tabik springla”)..welcome to our group lilis!!will guide u all da not give up!!yeaahhhh..

*sorry coz ade beberape pics x sempat nk amik wif da other client!!thanks to hanisah, farah & suhaily coz give me a chance to share this business wif u oulsss..KEEP ON GOING ocaayyy…!!:)

(Everywhere, date & time..will go for u:))

Adibah Karimah

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