Free travel to EUROPE!!!

Salam..hows ur day today guys??redup, mendung, hujan??gheee..:)guys, pernah u ouls terfikir x nak pergi oversea of any country by F.O.C???travel, food, hotel, everything already served for u just FREEE!!!kalau tanya, mestila sume nak pergi kan??telan air liur je la kalau yg cakap x nak tuu..ahakss…
Actually, i sendiri pon x termimpi nak dapatkan sume tu..both of us (me & hubby) lovesss travelling soo much!!!kalau boleh every year we all nak honeymoon at, budget x cukupppppp :P!!arrrgghhh..Before this pernah go to “gold coast” australia..tu pun simpan duit gamaknye dlm setahun..hheehe.. budget still x cukup..dah sampai sn, still kira2 bout hotel, transport, games, food..banyak yg kena saveeee…huhu..

(wif scooby doo at movie world)

(Save budget, flight air asia pun jadila asalkan sampai..hikhik:P)

even dh dapat menjejakkan kaki kat sn, still x puas..whyy??becoz of budget x cukup, banyak lagi tempat yg x kahtam!!gheeee:)
Becoz terlalu minat melancong, one day, one of my fren come to me then introduced this business to me!!she said, travel by our company 3 times a year to oversea & everything is FREE OF CHARGE!!!U HEARD ME???F.O.C…after she story all about da plan marketing, me & hubby terus join this business tanpa fikir panjang..whyyy?not just becoz of travel, but da plan marketing is very EASY!!JUST FOLLOW DA STEP, & FOLLOW DA LEADER!!!senang x??ehhehhe

Masa i join, i just do as a part time..becoz that time i have opened ‘batik terengganu’ boutique…Alhamdulillah, even tho just a part time job, me & hubby qualified to switzerland & germany fully sponsored by company!!!Hooraaayyyy…lompat bintang, katak sume ada..syukur alhamdulillahh…like dreaming!!becoz swiss & germany is one of my dream place…(Qatar airways…kan ade clas tu..huhu..with vip package!!..)

(zurich, switzerland)

(At mountain titlis..main salji…impian menjadi kenyataan:))

(Ada mcm ala2 hindustan x?hikhik…:)

Best kan guyss!!fully sponsored by our company…5 star package..just bring passport & duit shoppingggg….yg lain x payah fikir dah..just enjoyyy.!!!guys, jgn fikir2 lagi..tis is da chance to all of us prove our self we can DUIT, JUST FOLLOW DA STEP & LEADER..we will guide u all da way..This business also can get 4-5 figure every month!!up & up till 6 figure..(like my leader)!!6 figure every just 2 years..huhhh..she can, we also can!!

Next trip company have announced trip to HOLLAND & BELLGIUM..(Europe trip)…started from june until october..4 month to go guyss…so, we need to start from now!!!masa tidak menunggu, kita yg kena mengejar masa…Inilah peluang kecemasan yg perlu kita ambil & genggam betul2 yg kita pun BOLEH!!!

“YOU CAN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN!!!..You do have potential to achieve your desires. So start believing in yourself and keep on working on your goals no matter what challenges you may face. And very soon, you’ll turn them into reality…”YES!!!I ABSOLUTELY CAN!!!”

(Jom kita buat video clip ramai2 kat bunga2 tulip…best ni..wahhh, x sabarnyaaa:))

So guys, ape tunggu2 lagi..jom kita ramai2 serbu HOLLAND & BELLGIUM..Guling2 atas bunga tulip dengan org yg tersayang..cewahhh..jom..jom..yeaaazaaaa!!!

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