CDM, DDM and 100G Awards at GLAM

The second celebration was done at Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM)… the first celebration ever done at GLAM by CDM Hanis & CDM Raz… and of course i’m one of the lucky achievers yg akan merasmikan this event julung kalinya.gheee!..;)
we call it G AWARD..all included!..for achievement of RM 100,000 sales in a month, RM 720,000 sales for Double Diamond Manager & Crown Diamond Manager for the highest level in this business!!…;)
The celebration was successful!!…GREENs have made it!..Congrats to all da achievers & im really proud to be in this team!..da most important, “Be in da right group!”…;)
Lets have a fun enjoy da pics..zassss!!
100G and CDM Awards at GLAM for CDM Adibah Karimah and other premium beautiful top achievers
 Once again diberi peluang bagi ucapan!..thanxs to hanis & raz…;) 
Special chocolate cake from mandarin oriental!…sgt yummylicious…seriously, next time i just nak book cake kat sini je…for me, sedap dari tempat yg lain2 lagi loll!..;p

All together under my team!..part of my beautiful partner from lembah klang, seremban,johor bharu..thanxs for coming ladies!..;)



with team under DSM Julia Nazren (kiri sekali) of my commited biz partner..Ju have da same issues with me too!..rejoin for second time…we know each other by blog..start from one message by email, then we set appointment!..2,3 kali juga follow si ju ni..hehe..yela, agak takut to start new, but after that she really confident with my guidance, then she willing to joined me!…Many professionals also under, pegawai audit, lecturer & macam2 lagi, Double Diamond Manager in da making!..insyaALLAH soon!..;)


On that night, not only me diraikan..Juga diraikan my partners achievement for G100 & G720…BIG Congratulations for my partners DDM Dr. Hasbi Harun, DSM Hafizah, DSM Zahirine & SSM Shuhada!…Really proud of you guys..mmg betul2 follow da leader..proud of you guys & glad to have you guys in my team!..Alhamdulillah..
Inilah dikatakan KEJAYAAN bersama kumpulan..)
For G100 Award, special gift from me “EMILLIO PUCCI” & G720 Award, special gift from mommy hanis “PEN SWAROVSKI”..bling bling uolls…;)
 My sporting partners!..follow mak dia mmg macam tu la berbagai gaya…hehehhe..;p

  Keseronokkan yg tidak dapat digambarkan!!…of course bila dapat gift free yg branded kan!..ehhehe..;)
“Believe it or not??…Believe it!”
Here, my next protege from Johor, pasir gudang! of my commited business partner, & dengar kata leader bulat2..;) DSM just in a month, DSM Hafizah..even pregnant 7 month, she keep on DO IT & DO IT!..alasan penat, lelah mengandung itu sume alasan sahaja, nak berjaya ada beribu cara..asalkan mahu @ tidak sahaja..but, she prove it!..As u know, DSM Hafizah also is a second time joined this business!..really confident my way she willing to joined under my wing!..”Be in da right group”..Alhamdulillah…you made it sis!..;)

CONGRATULATION’S! RM 100,000 sales achievement!

Unfornately, ramai dari team johor tak dapat turun that day sebab kekangan kerja..;p


 Next protege, DSM Zahirine dari seri kembangan bekerja di kementerian putrajaya!..also have same issues with Julia & Hafizah..rejoin for second time!..wohoo..sampai me dapat gelaran “rejoin specialist”..hahaha…mana x nye, more than 5 partners have same issues with me, then choose to be in da right group!..that’s most important!..;)

Can you guess how old she is?..seriously, korang mesti tidak percaya!…ekeke..itulah dikatakan aweks muda..rahsianya?? always pakai premium beautiful loll!..;p..she really commited what she is doing, & car fund in da making…

CONGRATULATION’S! RM 100,000 sales achievement!

 SSM Shuhada is my next sunshine!..Alhamdulillah, DSM sudah dalam genggaman..;) even she was my ex mate at matrixs changlun, we have lost contact around 5 years!..facebooklah penghubung kami..everytime she looked at my achievement after one & another, tak tertahan jiwa melihat pergi melancong 3x setahun bermula dari holland & belgium, vietnam, guangzhou..then she email me asking how to join!..after just 3 months involve into this business with me, shuhada qualified her first trip to europe which 8 days, 5 night to paris & london!..wohooo~!!..inilah satu bukti untuk melangkah lebih jauh ke depan!..;)
CONGRATULATION’S! RM 100,000 sales achievement!
Zie Mohd Ghani my anak didik all da way from seremban!..thanxs zie for coming to support our team & celebrated with me that night..alone drive from seremban, but her spirit to achieve into this business sangatlah membara bara..keep it up zie!..follow rapat2, confirm success will be yours!!..;)
Not to forget to my Doouble Diamond Manager, Doc Hasbi Harun! hubby merangkap my bodyguard ke sana ke mari…Mula2 ambil leave just one month, now continue leave lagi for 2 month!..hebat2!..sangat gigih berusaha untuk capai impian dalam business ini which is “Freedom of life & Freedom of time” with his lovely family..proud to have you as my husband yg sgt supportive, sporting & macho’s man!..ekekke…;)

 Lets together we have a fun!…;)

CDM Adibah with CDM Hanis Haizi da only one founder in Green leaders group!..she my inspired to achieve more & more in this beautiful business!!…i really inspired with her good guidance, motivation & spirit!..still young with da age 28th,with 6 figure income every month!!..awesome!!..
once again, “Believe it or not??..Believe it!!”

That night also have a surprise birthday party to CDM Salha Zain!..”Happy Birthday to you sis salha!”..moga dipanjangkan usia, dimurahkan rezeki yg berpanjangan & terus success & success~!!!..;)

 Here the picture pukul 1.30 pagi!..semua orang dah balik tinggallah kami2 disini habiskan cake..ehehehe…

Pelbagai gaya & rupa ada loll!..;)
Lets together we achieve more & more~!!
Last but not least, choose to “BE IN THE RIGHT GROUP”
You won’t regret!!
I’ll show you da way
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Adibah Karimah

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