Celebrating Hai-O 20th Anniversary

Come and join us in this coming event on 24th nov 2012 (saturday) to celebrate Hai-O Marketing 20th anniversary at stadium Malawati Shah Alam!!..It’s 20, the number speaks for itself!..It shows how big & sturdy is our company right??….The event of course will be Grandious! fantastic! happening & gorgeous with many beautiful dresses on stage created by top designers!!..  I can feel da heat by now!..seriously sooo nervous & of course speechless!!…;)
Celebrating CDM Adibah Karimah, a top agent of premium beautiful corset and biozone food purifier in Hai-O 20th anniversary
why??..becoz im da one who will be celebrated by company for my achievement on highest level which is 
“CROWN DIAMOND MANAGER”!..Alhamdulillah!..;)
1st time i came here, time tu with old team!…time tu really excited dtg semata mata from kedah to shah alam nak tgk my idol celebrity cdm Hanis Haizi!..even tho she never knew who is Adibah Karimah!..;p..teruja sgt tgk si Hanis pakai blue dress & turban made by top designer “Jovian mandagie”..how luck she is!..buat bisnes premium beautiful saje siap dapat tempah dgn top designer!..curlasttt!!..time tu mmg dah pasang angan2 nak jadi macam hanis jugak & nak amik award atas stage here!…when you believe it, you also can achieve it!!..JUST DO IT & NEVER GIVE UP!!..success will be yours!!..;)
tik tok tik tok~!!..sesungguhnya cepat masa berlalu…& now its my TURN!!…Alhamdulillah, my dream come true!!..setiap perjalanan ada onak duri liku, tapi bila kita percaya dengan rezeki ALLAH & sentiasa berusaha tak kenal erti putus asa pasti KEJAYAAN milik kita!..”Besarkan IMPIAN, jelaskan MATLAMAT“!…;)

So, whats da event will gonna be??..lets have a look!..;)
For my dress i prefer one of Top Designer in Malaysia which is “Zery Zamry”..!!..why I choose him??… because his dresses are so attractive and creative!… i follow his instagram too!..lot of new designs yg sangat cantik, lain dari yg lain & fantastic!.. you can try search his blog & instagram, i am sure you guys also love  his design!..price?? it’s very worth it…;)..ibarat sebelah tangan..ekekeke..;p

Make up will be done by epie temerloh!..make up artist for dato’ siti nurhaliza…seriously i deep in love with his touch especially bahagian mata…people said he create his own eye lashes, thats why different with others..but i do not know, nnti sabtu ni jumpa epie nak tanya sendirik..gheee..;p…i also follow his instagram & make me once again excited to choose him as my MUA!…;)..here the pics hasil creativity by epie temerloh!..

All done by “Epie Temerloh”…awesome right??..;)

For my photographer of that day, my fren suggests me one experience photographer.. i see his works before & satisfied!..tanpa fikir panjang i choose him to be my paparazzi on that day!…really hope all my pictures shot perfectly!…photographer is really important on that day…kenanganku sepanjang hayat~~..isnt it?..persandingan kali kedua with laply hubby…even dah nak masuk anak 3 loll!…heheheh….;)

So, what will happen on this coming event on 24th nov??..lets check it out here~~…;)

Best artist performance gabungan 2 suara emas  
“Dayang Nurfaizah & Shila Amzah”!!..

Lucky draw is waiting for you!!..what??

Hadiah lucky draw yg BOOMBASTIC & many many more~~!!!…beside that you also can get RM100 voucher for every purchased ticket!..kat mana nak dapatkan FREE ticket??
Now, tickets is SELLING FAST!!…
just left 2 days more~!!..siapa cepat dia dapat!!…its FREEE!!
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Adibah Karimah