See you soon at London and Paris!

8 Days, 6 nights!
FREE of charge travel (FOC)
Just bring money for shopping & passport, then I can fly awayyy!..yeaahhh…
Its awesomazing right??;)
This is my 4th trip to Europe!..
1st – Switzerland
2nd – Belgium
3rd – Holland
4th & 5th – LONDON & PARIS 
Alhamdulillah, that i choose the right path to stay in this awesome business!..I can’t imagine, if i did not choose this business where i am now?..;P
So, whats my preparation?
Pound Sterling – checked!
Euro – checked!
Winter Coat / Jacket – checked!
Boot – checked
Glove – checked!
Camera & battery – checked!
 Burberry trench coat suit to comfortable!
 Very smart casual by Ralph Lauren Jacket
 Us with winter jacket by Uniqlo
All these are very important!..especially enough money for shopping!…bab kata suamiku, mahu dileburrrrkan puluh2 ribu itu disana..kalau pegi KLCC tak leburrr cam ni..haha!..Inilah satu kepuasan!..bukan hari ni punya bonus, esok nak pakai must be the planned..of course from bonus every month i save some untuk tabung shopping london/paris!..funny right?..nak melontar peluru di negara Europe dengan satu kepuasan!.githuuu….I want to feel that..i work for it!…its cool if you have your saving especially for shopping only!..Heaven!!..haha..;)
Lets preview places we will be going..Start at LONDON then continue to PARIS….
Buckingham Palace, the residence of royal family

The Trafalgar Square erected to commemorate Lord Nelson’s defeat of French navy feet
The Trafalgar Square
Oxford Street Shopping, renowned for its world class shopping. Truly is the ultimate shopping destination

 Bicester Village shopping is one of nine chic outlet shopping villages, operated by Value Retail

 Board the hight-tech, super hi-speed train, Eurostar and cross the Eurotunnel to PARIS!
Galleries La Fayette..All designer branded item is here!..just named it!…

 When travel to Europe, is the must to enjoy a cruise on the River Seine

 Eiffel Tower Day view

Eiffel Tower at Night view

Of course I can’t wait to touch down overthere…Here i just see all the pictures from google, but wait!..very soon I will be in the pictures..hehe..So guys, Lets follow me at Insatgram “Adibah Karimah” to see what’s happening there…I will update each time by my IG

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Adibah Karimah