GLAM Awards!

Big CONGRATULATIONS to all winners under Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM) for their achievement of 100G, Car Fund, Double Diamond Manager & Crown Diamond Manager (CDM).

As for Awesomazing Team, the award goes to pasangan adik beradik DSM Julianazren for 100G Award & DSM Julianazriana for Car Fund achiever…clap!clap!clap!…momma proud both of you darlings…;) and the best part SHANGHAI FREE tickets confirm yours…;)

100 G = 100,000 sales in a month!

DSM Julianazren @ short name called Ju from putrajaya..manage this business as her part time job only, dedicated & committed business partner…actually, Ju ni adalah budak rejoin..hehe..same story like i post entry before this “be in da right group by Adibah Karimah” (click at link)…

We know each other by blogging…she’s my silent blog first she email me asking bout this business, then we meet up!..masa tu la baru tahu si jue ni pun pernah mengalami kisah yg sama like me before this..with the first group she said, no guidance & terkapai kapai..tak tahu mana arah tuju nak pergi..she need someone to push her until da top!..banyak kali jugak la nak follow up si jue ni..Alhamdulillah, tak lama lepas tu tu she willing to joined me!..hehe

Congratulations to all 100G achievers!..;)
Car Fund Award

DSM Julianazriana @ short name yana sister DSM Julianazren..Worked as a government lawyer at Johor Bharu & manage this business as her part time job too..what i really know about yana, apa cabaran dugaan rintangan yg dilalui yg pasti she keep on moving!..never give up is her keyword..

Mostly her proteges from lawyers line & everyone lookings for freedom of life & freedom of time…dreams to have her own firm oneday…insyaALLAH..

Together with all 7 Car Fund achievers under glampreneur…
Congratulations both of you!..;)

New CDM is born in GLAM!…CDM no 16 goes to CDM Cik Cida..Manage this business as her full time business…from negeri cik siti wan kembang, kelantan..Congratulations Cik Cida, most welcome to CDM club under Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM)…;)

 We are young, we are fun!..We are GLAMprenuer under Awesomazing team!..
As a reward, Emillio Pucci is yours…

With my great mentor, CDM Hanis Haizi, 6 figure lady!..Her achievement inspired many peoples..

 #Throwback Car Fund Award

 DDM Dr. Hasbi Harun & DSM Hafizah (represent as she was in confinement)
 Congratulations both of you too..We will celebrate together at Diamond Night Award this coming 22th June!..More happening, fantastic & Awesomazing!
Wait for my video clip, a tribute to my proteges who have achieved those awards!

Adibah Karimah