FREE Trip to Shanghai is still on!

FREE trip to Shanghai is still ON!…

Travel with big family under “Green Leaders Academy Malaysia” is very Happening, fantastic & Awesomazing!…We are Young!..We are Fun!…;)

Next holiday to Shanghai would be my 7th trip, a FREE trip..with 5 ***** tour all sponsored by company..Just bring your pocket money & passport, then you can say hello to Shanghai…hehe..;)

My Cronology of FREE Trips!
1) Vietnam
2) Holland
3) Belgium
4) Guangzhou
5) London
6) Paris

No 7!…Shanghai CONFIRMED!

Lets feel it all my dear friends..Enjoy the video to da max!.. feel it & imagine you are there…


How is it?? Great isn’t it?
let me show you how!
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