A day with Jovian Mandagie and Rizman Ruzaini

New shawl collections from Jovian Mandagie has been launched!
On 8th May Jovian Mandagie had invited all GLAMpreneurs to have Hi tea with him…and the best part he purposely closed his boutique just to entertain GLAMpreneurs….that was cool right?..
Unfortunately, i was coming quite late that day becoz i had a shooting interview with Utusan Malaysia earlier in the morning… anyway, i was really enjoyed, happy & it was so exciting!..
For you guys whom not really know who is Jovian Mandagie, he is the one of famous & top designer in Malaysia.. ramai artist yg pakai his collection, org kenamaan & yg hi class person..hehehe…becoz, starting price to design with him start from RM4000++..;)
So, lets enjoy the moment with me yaww…;)

Trying new shawl collection from Jovian…price is not too bad..start from RM99++….

Ok, i love this then i take this one!

This one price from RM209++
Collection from Jovian Mandagie

Farah Fauzan wear this dress at ABPH..
Its time to buy…here my new collection shawl from Jovian
Part of my Awesomazing Team!
We really enjoyed to be here!..
owner www.adibahkarimah.com at Jovian Mandagie Boutique!
On the next day which is 9th, my partner Liya and i went to another Top designer in Malaysia Rizman Ruzaini.. Popular artists like Siti Nurhaliza, Erra Fazira, and Ziana Zain always wear dresses collection from Rizman Ruzaini..We actually looking for a dress to wear on Diamond Night this coming June…of course it must be looking gorgeous & glamorous gituu….Starting price with Rizman Ruzaini from RM2600++….;)

We are here at Rizman Ruzaini Creation..
Liya discuss with Rizman about her dress for Diamond Night!
Confirm with design, so jom ambil ukuran..;p
I am trying this dress used to be worn by Siti Nurhaliza…Rizman told me it so worth it to buy this one..Special price he gives me RM3000 only, very much less from retail price of RM8000!..hurmmm, let me think first ya..
Nice or not?..yang atas tu sequin.actually this dress has no sleeve..yg biru tu my baju ya..hehe..if i want this, rizman will do sleeve & all sequin..awesome!
Me with the owner Rizman…
Lets have a discussion..;)
This one has sentimental value..Not to buy just a collection..Top singer have been used this dress “Ziana Zain”..
This time temankan my partners pulak tempah baju with Top Designer in Malaysia Rizman Ruzaini..Congrats both my partners Kamaliyah & Hafizah first time tempah baju with designer & price is more than RM3000 per dress ok!..curlastt…used from bonus business only….first my collection designer with Ezuwan Ismail…Feel wear designer dress of course sgt teruja.tersangat happy..feel dia rasa lain macam..ala2 retis..haha,,;p
In this business nothing impossible…Hanya bermula dengan langkah yang pertama, join me ogether with this business, then I will show you how…so interesting! so happening!…only in Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM)..;)

Adibah Karimah

  • wow cantik. tapi kalau designer malaysia i prefer JM dan nurita harith
    rizalman kureng sikit =)

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