Congratulations to SM/SSM achievers!

SM/SSM awards celebration was held on 24th Saturday at PGRM Hall Cheras.

Alhamdulillah, this time around 30 orang new Sales Manager (SM) and Senior Sales Manager (SSM) ambil awards under my wing Awesomazing Team GLAM. Good job everyone!! You guys deserved it..
Of course in every event under Hai-O mmg tak sah kalau tak melaram bagai… Haha.. Of course tuan empunya blog pun nak bergaya juga to celebrate kejayaan Anak2 didik & I choose to my dress by Top designer Malaysia Ezuwan Ismail & make up done by myself Adibah Karimah. This is ad hoc plan makeup sendiri coz my personal MUA busy with wedding event. But ok jugakan makeup sendiri. Gituuu..;p
So, lets we enjoy the pictures with part of my beautiful partners under Awesomazing Team & the whole big family under Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM)..;)
Congrats to SM/SSM achievers
SM/SSM Awards August 2013
Mr Hasbi Harun & Mrs Adibah Karimah
Suit G2000 for Hasbi Harun, while Adibah Karimah by Dress Designer Ezuwan Ismail
With My Mentor Cdm Hanis Haizi
Part of my Awesomazing Team GLAM with different background!
Leaders under Adibah Karimah Wings

Happy & Good Looking Everyone!
Men in GLAM!

Family members Awesomazing Team!

Get ready to snap!
Yayy!! We are Awesomazing Team under Green Leader Academy Malaysia! Congratulations Everyone..
Duduk bertimpuh kepenatan..heheee..;)

Big Family under Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM)!.. Im proud to be one of team members under GLAM..Its so Awesomazing!

Till we meet again in next Awards!..Congratulations Everyone…Lets Together Everyone We Achieve More!
Lots of Love,
Adibah Karimah

Adibah Karimah