Seoul Korea is Coming Soon!

GLAMjourneys bersama Awesomazing Team ke Seoul Korea
Counting days to KOREA!! Another 5 days left..Yuhuuu.. Can’t wait utk berjimba with My Awesomazing Team partners & all GLAMpreneurs… Alhamdulillah, this trip more partners will join me together to Korea Trip.. We work hard for it & this time to Enjoy ourselves over there.. This is so beautiful journey in this business!! 3 times FREE travel in just one year! I’m blessed dipertemukan jodoh dengan business yg cukup hebat with awesome mentor guide me all the way & team members!;)
Korea will be my 7th country as my FREE trip! My travel chronology started with first to Vietnam, Holland, Belgium, Guangzhou, Paris, London & next week will be Korea. In Shaa Allah by early next year fly to Gold Coast together with Awesomazing Team members & muka2 baru melancong bersama. When you Dream it! you can achieve it! Just believe in yourself, semua orang ada peluang untuk merubah kepada kehidupan yg lebih baik dan kita yang tentukan masa depan diri sendiri.
Pernah ke Korea?? Of coursela tak pernah lagi ku jejaki..hehehee.. This is my first visit to Seoul Korea & of course my feeling super duper excited babeh!! Musim Luruh pulak tu. like Drama Korea “Autumn in My Heart”..gituuu..;p. Mulanya, package is target to Shanghai. But, unfortunately due of bird flu so that company change to Seoul Korea. Its so Awesomazing right?!!;)

So, what happening in Korea?lets have a look with me…

GLAMjourneys bersama Awesomazing Team ke Namsan Hanok Village Seoul Korea

Namsan Hanok Village

GLAMjourneys bersama Awesomazing Team ke Lotte World Theme Park Seoul Korea

Lotte World Theme Park
GLAMjourneys bersama Awesomazing Team ke Han River Cruise Seoul Korea
 Han River Cruise
Awesomazing Team Dongdaemun Market ke Seoul Korea
Dongdaemun Market
Awesomazing Team melancong free ke Seoul Korea
 Insadong Street
Awesomazing Team melancong free ke Seoul Korea Selatan
When I started join this business, seriously I can’t imagine all these thing! Yela, sampai boleh terbang ke negara Europe melihat keajaiban dan keindahan ciptaan Tuhan! of course, compared to before doing this business mmg asyik makan hati tengok gambar2 orang pergi melancong! Because I love travelling a lots with my hubby. But now, orang pulak yg always scroll my picture go here and, 
What about you? mebe you could be my next protege then together fly with me to Gold Coast Trip? lets act now, call or message me here to find out more. In shaa Allah, bila niat kita betul2 nak bantu family, nak naik taraf kehidupan keluarga, nak pergi melancong percuma, pasti ada jalannya. Lets do this together wth me!;)

lots of love,

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