Hollywood Glamour GLAM Dinner cycle 2!

“Hollywood Glamour” theme GLAM Dinner cycle 2 only with GLAMpreneurs at JW Marriot Putrajaya this coming 9th November. Start  from 8pm until 11pm. The event of course will be over Exciting! Happening! Fantasting! Glamorous, Gorgeous with the Beautiful Dresses, Havoc Man in GLAM & Awesomazing event on that night! thats surely babeh! hehe.. I know with GLAM you will never regret. Will be always the best & Havoc.. 😉

The pictures shows the Event for Last year GLAM Dinner Cycle 1.

 Sporting Founder of GLAM CDM Razali Zain
Part of My AwesomazingTeam!

Before the night, at the evening “Majlis Ulangtahun Syarikat yang ke 21” akan berlangsung di MIECC ( Mines Resort) together celebrating a New Crown Diamond Manager 2013. Menggamit memori while im in stage last year 2012 in preggy mum for my 3rd baby boy 8 month! That time, I choose my dress by designer Zery Zamry and MUA by Epie Temerloh. Alhamdulillah, along the event majlis berjalan dengan lancar. Event Hai-o yang paling dinantikan usahawan of course Majlis Ulangtahun Syarikat. Sambutan Gilang Gemilang dengan Jemputan artis tanahair yang famous2 like before this Siti Nurhaliza, Adibah Noor, Dayang Nurfaizah, Faizal Tahir, Sheila Hamzah & ramai lagi.. Bukan calang2 performer yang dijemput okay.. Kalau artis dah keluar suara mahunya company kena bayar ribu riban. Tapi strongnya company, thats normal price to pay singer in Malaysia.. gituuu..;p

Its 21th year old! Happy Birthday to Company. Im proud to be one of entrepreneur  in this establish company. The number of 21th Hai-O Marketing speaks for itself! It shows how big & sturdy is our company right?? Kukuh, stabil dan Terjamin. Thumbs up!;)

So back to GLAM Dinner Night what is happening on that event?? Beside that, we also have a Band to entertain all of GLAMpreneurs on that night, 5 meals course dan pastinya Awesome & delicious Food! Free Gift & the best part Best Dress Women & Man. Hadiah yang menanti sangatlah menarik. Not just only Best dress, beside that we also have a lots of Gift for lucky draw.. Seriously, Gift for lucky draw bukan yang biasa2 ye, branded item lagi ok! hehhee..;) Like this!:- Jangan terkejut uolls.haha ;p

Armani Exchange
branded items kate spade untuk dimenangi percuma
Kate Spade
GLAM Dinner hadiah percuma Long champ handbags
Long Champ
GLAM Dinner hadiah percuma Long champ handbags and vouchers
Body Tuina
free oroton handbag dalam GLAM Dinner
free gift from versace in GLAM dinner
So, what do you think? Amazing right?! Dapat salah satu pun tak pe. Dah berbaloi sangat kan. Kalau hadiah FREE siapa tak nak! semua NAK la especially kalau dah dapat FREE! Ingat sepanjang hayat hidup kot.  haha..lol..;p Samala dalam business, every trip travel in oversea company offers of coursela tak nak ketinggalan! Surely will fight the FREE tickets company offers because that is FREE thing in my life! The best part, If we cant follow the trip dapat Duit lagi.hehehe..;p
If anyone of you really excited to Join me in GLAM Dinner cycle 2 this coming 9th November, do pm or whatapps2 me yaw. Seat is so so Limited!.;) Anything else you guys also can call me directly. Thank you!

Adibah Karimah