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Birthday celebration for lovely husband::::

My dear “Hasbi bin Harun”, I’ve been through many
difficulties in my life and was at my wits’ end when I met you. From that point on I knew I found my soul, my strength and my true love. You have uplifted me to new emotional heights, given me hope and have been supporting me, my dreams for the past 5 years…
Together with you we are raising two most amazing children ALLAH give us … Thank you for being so giving, a very loving husband and a perfect father to”Aqil Haarith & Kamal Khairi”… I go to bed every night and wake up every morning thanking ALLAH for having you as my husband, my soul mate and my best friend. We love you very much and wish you to be healthy and happy….

I will always remember your advice, whatever obstacles ahead,
we’ll be always together…InsyaALLAH~~..;)
So, to celebrate his burfday, i choose Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur….recommended by my leader hanis…she says the food is sooo delicious…follow da leader..Jommssss…;)

Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

unique, nice~~….

start with appertizer….

variety of fruits, cakes…

kalau dah namanya org melayu, nasi itu wajib!!…gheeeee;p

grilled sausage, salmon & chicken ~~!!..ummphhh!!..;)

fresh & raw Irish oyster, fresh seafood & sushi in da houseeee~~..;)

a mix of salmon fish, crab, prawn, chicken…fuhhhh~~!!;)

This one is da best!!!…lamb chop, ribs, fish cakes… lembut isinya…teringat2…;)

Just two of US!!..;P Baru 1st round nih…byk round lagi…hehehe….

Macaroon towers….;)

owwh!!!…love it sooo much!!…;)

pilih2 sajeee….rambang mata jap..;p

sume pon setapppp!!!..


Senyum ke telinga si suami, isteri belanjaaa….;p

Hubby kusyukk buat chocolate dip…slurrppp~~…

Chocolate dipped fruits & marshmellow…SOO deliciousss!!!

Chocolate Ice cream Home made~~

Vanilla & Manggo ice cream home made~~…..

hot chocolate

coffee latte


Cake house~!!..soo yummy…

Variety of cakes to choose!!…;)

Fuishh~~!!, actually, all that pics baru sebahagian..ada lagi yg x sempat nak snap,,,coz kusyukkk sgt menikmati hidangan..ehhehe…but, overall i’m really satisfied with the foods!!..it worth da price for a very special occasion!!;)

After the dinner, layanss live band performance…feel sooo romantic~~ slow musical….;)

Hopefully, my husband will be very happy….
next time my birthday pulak in august!!..I’m waiting for surprise ocayyy,..hehehe;)

forever till da end..InsyaALLAH…

Free Trip Holland & Vietnam!!

Hye guys..sorry lama x mengupdate blog!!..quite busy with business partners, new comers & now baru je habis holland, company dah announced FREE TRIP to VIETNAM!!..whatt?? Vietnam??..5 star package & fully sponsored by company ohkey!!…hehehe
Actually I just received an official letter from company, it says i’m qualified a FREE TRIP to HOLLAND & BELGIUM!!..yeahhaaa!! (hatiku berbunga girang, lompat bintang****lompat katak sume ade…wohoooo..;p)..

I could choose for Umrah instead of Holland but I chose Holland…few of my frenz advised me to take umrah to get more ‘barakah’….it’s not b’coz I don need it, but for me, this free trip is meant for business purpose only…If I wanna go for umrah, it should be on my own expenses…no free worship okiesss….. i’m planning to do umrah next year…insyaAllah if no obstacles….aminnn..;)

(surat cinta..;))

This trip is gonna be in April 2012…why??..reason is, that’s a special trip during spring season…kenkoof..Masa bunga tulips tgh berkembang mekar..time nih dpt tgk sendiri dgn mataku ini tulips berkembang mekar…Ya Allah, x shabarrr rasanya..nk guling2 hindustan dgn my lovely husband…koch koch hotta hai gitu…hikhik….;p

Jom layan ape yg best kat Ho..Ho..HOLLANDDDD!!!!…;)

(subhanAllah..mcm kek lapis..syiokk baring2 ats tuh..;)
(mcm2 colour..kuning, orange, merah, pinkky..juling jap..kekeke..;))

(Deruan kincir angin, air tasik yg mengalun…aishhh…;)

(Canteknyee ciptaan Allah…)
(pemandangan yg sgt indah…ketenangan yg mendamaikan jiwa…;))

Jom layanss ke BELGIUM puleksss…yippieee!!!

(Belgium terkenal dgn bangunan2 yg klasik, dan terusan2…;))

(chocolate Belgium.yummmyyyy.;))

Fuishhh, tu baru tgk gambar..kalau diri sendiri ada dlm tu…mestila lg syiokkk…haishhh, x shabarrr makkk nak honeymoon!!..hehehe;)…

And of course not to forget my churldrenz…alwayz remember, our team playz as a whole determines our success in business!!!..I love uollss my biz partners…

Next trip nak ke mana puleksss anak2 ku??..Of course VIETNAM!!!!…yeahaaa…This trip, anak2 kena ikut sekali dgn mak ohkey..;)..nobody left behind…enough waving hands at KLIA….hehee….

For new comer, u are most welcome!!..VIETNAM trip paling senang nak achieve!! if u join this month, u already put one leg on the plane to Vietnam!!…so close and easy to a FREE HOLIDAY TRIP….unbelievable right…??

Lets meet up, have a cup of coffee & chat with me then I will show u how!!..
Its sooo easy..!! plus 1ST BONUS RM4500 +free ticket to VIETNAM!!…weeehuuuuu;)

Jom layanss picss VIETNAM puleksss~~!!!;)

(Halong Bay adalah salah satu keajabain daripada 7 keajaiban di dunia)

(Tasik yg menenangkan fikiran..;))

(Dunia shopping!!!..ayoyooo!!! berbinar mata nak pilih!!..;)

(Lelong2!!..murah2!!…nak cakap viet x pandai lg…hihi..;)

Huishhhh…mmg x shabar jugakkk….it’s my dream to travel da world…Before this nk g travel slalu budget2!!..yela, if oversea nye tempat…libu2 of course melayang..but with this business my dream come true!!..i really love to share da way how i get all these things!!..

Million thanxs to my great leader hanis haizi..Becoz of her, im here today!!..Group yg sgt hebat dgn jaringan internet!!..so, sgt senang nk berbisnes…She’s my idol, my good frens kala susah & senang…Thanxs to my supporter mr.hubby!!! he’s my backbone…he’s alwayz with me in this business…

So guys, sesiapa yg still mencari2 as side income, do not hesitate to call me here!!

premium.lady@yahoo.com 019-6615447