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Julia Nazren and Shuhada Shafie Entries

Be in the right group is too synonym with Adibah Karimah…. hehe..why??..choose the right group is very important when you want to start a business as a TEAM!..for me, i feel so blessed & lucky to be one of team members under Green Leaders Acadamy Malaysia (GLAM)…We have a good TEAMWORK and that’s why our network makin berkembang ke seluruh Malaysia, Sabah Sarawak..not only in Malaysia, but GLAM now opens in Singapore and also Qatar..more to come..insyaALLAH..;)

Here i just want to share another testimoni from my direct protege Julianazren who has same issues with me & others do the same business & company but choose to be with me for second time..Alhamdulillah, with the good effort she manages to get what she has achieved. So, lets click here http://www.julianazren.com/2013/05/be-in-right-group.html

Julia Nazren Be In The Right Group entry screen capture

I really know it feels know when your business failed… Nak berjaya, nak income besar, nak bergaya & bermewah, tapi tidak kesampaian.. Actually, to get all these things of course you must have 80% effort dalam diri sendiri, 10% from Team, and another 10 % with leader…if combine all together 100%  insyaALLAH, SUCCESS is yours… btw, Thanxs to my anak didik DSM Julianazren chose me as your leader. What you have done its all pay off… you made it! Lets together we achieve more & more…;)Cubaan kali kedua membuahkan hasil yg lebih berharga..Anggap percubaan untuk kali pertama adalah dugaan dari yg maha Esa…
Next entry, from my direct Leader Shuhada Shafie.. So surprise because the entry specially goes to me…hehe..touching!..;p 
 Why she choose me as her leader…full entry can visit her blog http://www.shuhadashafie.com/2013/05/who-is-cdm-adibah-karimah.html
Shuhada Shafie Who Is Adibah Karimah entry screen capture

petikan from entry Shuhada
Congratulations DSM Shuhada, qualified first trip Europe London & Paris.. Impian menjadi kenyataan.. Bila Impian dan Matlamat kita jelas confirm apa yg kita impikan akan tercapai dengan hasil usaha yg berterusan & do not Give Up!..

insyaALLAH, I will try my best to be as a good leader & guide all my protege as well… like what I get nowadays, I will make sure my partners also get the same thing..

With this business in Network Marketing, nothing impossible..
“Relakan diri anda dibimbing, follow the step, insyaalllah KEJAYAAN pasti milik anda..

Robert Kiyosaki motivational quotes

Robert Kiyosaki motivational quotes two

Get Out Of Your COMFORT ZONE!!

Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party

Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by Adibah Karimah 
 “CHANEL”..It’s so synonym with my leader hanis haizi..the brand is like half part of hanis life..;)
 Everyone loves fashion, designer handbag especially for women, young ladies even kanak2 pun..me??of course tidak ketinggalan…i learn a lots from my mentor..from head to toe!..thumbs up hanis…apa cara gaya you semua orang nak follow….heheeee..
Dear Hanis Haizi party is a success…everyone looks really enjoy with gorgeous dresses for women & fantastic dress up for man..tidak ketinggalan juga si suamiku penuh bergaya..cewaahh~~!haha…;p
Black & white is suit we call da colours of chanel..
So, lets together we enjoy da pictures…chill yawww~~…
Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Party by Adibah Karimah
The one and only “Hanis Haizi”
Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by Adibah Karimah and Hasbi
Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by Adibah Karimah dan kamal khairi

Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by Adibah Karimah and dr hasbi 
Start da event with makan2,chatting with new partners, frens & blogging people…Not just only partners in team members of GLAM, tapi outside people also invited…I love da food..delicious & pretty..
Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by Adibah Karimah showing foods

Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by Adibah Karimah showing cakes
After that, hanis is choosing candidates for da best dress contest!..luckly my husband hasbi harun on list!…haha..omg!..;p
Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by Adibah Karimah with winners
Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by Adibah Karimah showing catwalks The best part, everyone needs to cat walk in front of team members & who did get da big cheers she or he will become the winner!..ape lagi, si isteri of course terover cheers..menyokong si suami cat walk di depan..surprisingly mr hasbi harun..clap..clap..clap..dari yg pemalu sekarang boleh dikatakan doctor yg sporting habis!!..mantop beb..;p
Then the winners for man best dress goes tooo “Doc Hasbi Harun”!!wohooo~..lombat bintang si isterinya..hahaha…

Yeahhh!! I really enjoyyyy~~~…;)

Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by Adibah Karimah with winner best dress

 Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by Adibah Karimah with hasbi and chanel
 Here, da winner for best dress man,,,,;)
 Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by cdm Adibah Karimah 
Congrats my darling hubby because so sporting on that day!!,…big clap to u my dear…

Coco Chanel Dear Hanis Haizi Party by Adibah Karimah dan ddm dr hasbi

Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with cdm adibah karimah

 Congrats my love!..perfume chanel “allure’ is yours…thumb up!..hehehe…:))

Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with ddm dr hasbi 
Best Man Dress says something to Hanis Haizi…;)
 So, whats next??…sesi berposing in front of camera…perkara wajib ohkeyyy..haha

Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with cdm adibah karimah team

 With part of my team members yg suka berparty…;)
Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with cdm adibah karimah protege
Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with cdm adibah karimah group

Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with group adibah karimah

Coco Chanel party hanis haizi with cdm adibah karimah

Coco Chanel private party dear hanis haizi with cdm adibah karimah
Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with cdm adibah karimah and cdm maisarah
with Cdm Maisarah..kak ngah in GLAM..hehe…
Actually, what is the main course of this event??…of course to choose the best & unique post in contest ‘Dear Hanis Haizi”..what do you love about her, what you want from her & many more… what you want from hanis haizi???…of course designer handbag “Chanel”…wohooo..unfortunately, i could’nt enter this contest because that time my blog had some problem with my domain…sayangnye kan!..its ok, we’re looking forward for the next contest ya..

Coco Chanel private party cdm hanis haizi with adibah karimah 
Luckily the winner goes to the young girl at da age of 24 syera begam!..Congrats to you my dear..im so impressed!..young girl with “Chanel Flap” handbag
Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with cdm adibah karimah and syera begam

Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with cdm adibah karimah c for chanel

Together with all the winners…Congrats winners!..;)

Pictures with Hanis giant balloon…

Coco Chanel cdm adibah karimah and team

Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with hasbi

Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with dr hasbi and son

Private party hanis haizi with cdm adibah karimah

Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with green leaders group
Overall, everyone really enjoyed the party!..

Coco Chanel private party hanis haizi with green leaders group dr hasbi 

 We are Glampreneurs, we know how to enjoy our life….

Be in the right group by Adibah Karimah

Be in da right group!!…still remembered??…. this post bout “be in da right group” was written previously just after 2 months i joined Hanis Haizi’s team…you guys can click da link..

It’s all about giving yourself a second chance!…ramai di luar sana actually dah tahu what our business is all about…so many times I share with outsider, people actually know bout this business & also our company…which is bernaung di bawah bumbung Hai-o Marketing sdn bhd..

Yeaah, bila sebut hai-o ramai je yg akan give feedback like this!…”ooo, hai-o” @ “aah, dah pernah dengar” @ “ramai yang buat x jadi pun”..& so on!..ada yg positif & ada yg negatif!..why this happen if you see at da negative side??…da main reason & alasan yg kukuh which group you stay??..ask yourself!

Actually, for you guys yang tak tahu, i join this business for the 2nd time!…why i choose this business??..1st i really confident with Company Hai-O yang sememangnya dah establish & on main board BSKL, kukuh, stabil & terjamin!..20th year in malaysia & da best part “Bebas daripada hutang, aset berbillion ringgit to support da company” & kerajaan sendiri telah mengiktirafkan Hai-O adalah syarikat harapan kerajaan melahirkan ramai jutawan usahawan especially bumiputera di Malaysia..

2nd, bout da produk yg sememangnya laris di malaysia sejak 15thn yg lalu hingga kini..kelebihan & kehebatan produk premium beautiful corset mmg tiada tandingan dgn 70% focusly kesihatan & 30% utk kecantikkan..so many good testimonial you guys can search in google..

Third reason is which group you wanna to stay & tarik tangan anda untuk bimbing menuju ke puncak kejayaan!..yeah, “be in da right group is very important”..im so lucky & bersyukur ditemukan dengan pasangan jutawan muda di malaysia which is CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Razali Zain!..really inspired with their success hingga cecah pendapatan 6 angka sebulan!!..you heard me?..6 figure income every month at da age 28th!!.amazing rite?…Both of them adalah pencetus revolusi internet yg kian hari makin mengujakan anak-anak muda di luar sana…

Alhamdulillah, just within 1 year i follow every foot step CDM Hanis, here i am today CDM Adibah Karimah!..insyaALLAH, my target also to get 6 figure income like my mum..nothing impossible when you strive for it!…;)

Here, I wanna share my team testimonial after 2nd & 3rd time attempting to do this business, “Langit bukannya sentiasa cerah, ada mendungnya” bab kata pepatah melayu..;)…same issues like me!..Rejoin for 2nd time walaupun berada di company yang sama..Company sememangnya tiada masalah, tapi da problem is siapa yang kita nak follow & ikut jejak langkah org yg berjaya…

This entry I wanna share here about my 3 direct proteges yang sama issues like me, 2nd time rejoin & choose to stay in “Green Leaders Group”

1st testimonial from my direct protege – Be in da right group by “Efah Mustaffa”

She still young, 25th years old..student of occupational therapist..Join this business with me for 3rd time…from kangar perlis, one of my commited protege & this month will complete her target for Double Diamond Manager”…my candidate protege CDM 2013!…;) Jom baca kisah beliau..

petikan dari blog efah (click here full story) 

“setelah kurang sebulan bertungkus lumus, Alhamdulillah ini
la hasilnya…Jam Tangan berpuaka madam milik Ifa…memang sangat berpuas
hati..sebelum ini ambil masa setahun untuk dapat pangkat SSM..pangkat kedua
tertinggi dalam bisnes ini..tapi dengan group Adibah dan Hanis…sebulan
saja!!tiada mustahil..tepuk dada tanya bonus hendak berapa..=)

Ifa joined Adibah last month..kira sangat baru!! Tapi dalam
masa hanya kurang sebulan, Ifa buktikan pada diri sendiri dan orang di luar
sana yang Ifa boleh berjaya. Alhamdulillah in just less a month, i’m already
SENIOR SALES MANAGER, sales achievement RM100,000 ( dianugerahkan JAM TANGAN
dari stokis), bermula first month car fund, and my dream income (bonus besar!!)
dan alhamdulillah Vietnam dalam genggaman bersama rakan kongsi!!Syukur sangat Ya Allah, terima kasih atas kurniaan-Mu!!”

Congrats to you Efah!..;)

2nd Testimonial from my direct protege – Be in da right group by  “Hafizah Mohd Nor”

Leader under my wing 27th years old from Pasir Gudang Johor..Manage this business as a part time only, have 1 cheeky boy & now preggy for 8th month!..DSM, qualified Paris London in just a month after joined me..inspired!..2nd time rejoin this business…my candidate protege CDM 2013!…;) here, her stories..

petikan dari blog hafizah (click here full story)

“Alhamdulillah, dengan guidance yang betul daripada Hanis
& Adibah, fiza prove kan pada diri sendiri bahawa fiza boleh jadi mcm Diba
dan Hanis and bila kita ada matlamat dan impian sebegitu, segalanya boleh di
capai dengan mudah sebab everything jelas. Fiza cuma nekad dalam hati, lepas
rejoin ni, fiza perlu dapatkan apa yang sepatutnya fiza dapat dalam masa 4
bulan yang lepas dengan hanya follow sahaja apa yang Hanis & Adibah buat,
every single step di tunjuk ajar and Fiza dh buktikan antaranya:
 RM 100, 000. 00
Sales in a month
 Diamond Sales
Manager (pangkat ke-3 dalam this biz) in a MONTH!!!!
 Emillio Pucci
daripada CDM Adibah
 Qualify for 1st
trip ke Paris & London 2013 and its FREE
 3rd Month for Car
Fund ==> going to complete for the last month, insyallah.
 Bonus besar!! (5 figure!)
Congrats to you fiza!..;)
3rd testimonial from my direct protege – Be in da right group by “Zahirine Abdul Rahman”

One of my protege working at perbadanan putrajaya, manage this business as a part time only..never give up in their life!..anything happen life must go on & always stay in positive attitude..2nd time rejoin under my wing & she have proved it in just 3 month after joined me..my candidate protege CDM 2013!…;)…lets preview her stories…

“Alhamdulilah dengan hanya buat biz secara partime… irine
berjaya qualify trip ke Paris dan London dan berjaya naik pangkat Diamond Sales
Manager dalam tempoh 3 bulan sahaja!!. Syukur alhamdulilah merasa juga income
besar dalam business ni. Boleh upgrade saving anak2 dan future plan kami nanti.
Now..on my way nak completekan my car fund..insyaallah..Kalau sebelum ni..
untuk capai pangkat SSM pun ambil masa setahun dengan income biasa2 je..:P
..now everything can be achieved with the right guidance. Dulu dari datang
kelas GLAM sorg diri..skrg dpt biz partner yang komited datang tanpa dipaksa.
I’m so blessed ya allah..Berkatilah usaha kami.”
Congrats to you irine..;)

Thanxs to you guys DSM Efah, DSM Hafizah & DSM Zahirine choose me & hanis as your team leaders & choose Green Leaders group!..nothing impossible when you believe in yourself that you guys also can success into this business!…Just follow every single step, stay in a good attitude, give your commitment with your leaders, then success will be yours!..insyaALLAH…Jelaskan matlamat & besarkan impian anda!..;)

Not just only 3 testimonial from my team yg rejoin for 2nd & 3rd time, tapi ada beberapa lagi same issues like this…Alhamdulillah, berkat usaha berterusan & always follow da leader step inilah bukti pertama kejayaan mereka..more success will come!…just believe in yourself, never ever give up, consistent & always stay in good attitude success will be yours!..trust me!..Doa + Usaha + Istiqamah + Tawakkal = Kejayaan!..;)

We really proud & feel so honoured be as a team member under Green Leaders Academy Malaysia founded by CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Razali Zain..their brilliant ideas with new outfits, makes their business partners grow very fast!..Green not only known in Malaysia, tapi sudah merebak di luar antarabangsa..If you click Premium Beautiful in google, mostly under GLG konker market online!..Alhamdulillah me & also my partners top ranking in google..;) .why??…becoz we are pioneer online marketing & more professional..

Thanxs to CDM Hanis & CDM raz kerana sentiasa berkongsi ilmu yg sentiasa up to date how to manage biz partners & how to give very da best to them!…tanpa bimbingan, suntikan, dan dorongan dari mereka CDM Adibah Karimah probably not here today!..

In team under wing Hanis sendiri ramai yg rejoin & nampak peluang with this group boleh pergi lebih jauh, & many professionalism day by day looking for this business..why?? cara kami lebih professional..tiada paksaan, but decision is in your hand!

what can I say to you hanis “Tq very much hanis for your endless support & guidance…deep inside my heart, you are very good leader in this world!..sudah boleh gelarkan you “rejoin specialist under CDM Hanis Haizi”..hehehe…why i said like that?..ramai yg prove their success after 2nd time in this team!..so, people out there yg confuse & what is happening to outsider yg tak jadi, what can i say is choose to “BE IN DA RIGHT GROUP”..peaceee!!!;)




019 6615447

20th Anniversary!

Date 24th of November in memory forever~~….;)..Congratulations for new CDMs & what can I say, bangga bersama company yg kukuh, stabil & terjamin!…:)

Da best part im so lucky to stay in da right, best & awesome team under “Green Leaders Group” founded by CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Razali Zain!..we are young, we are fun!…;)

so, lets enjoy da pics yaww~!!..;)



Green Leaders CDMs of 2012

Nantikan kemunculan Anugerah Gilang gemilang di Stadium Melawati Shah Alam 24hb November 2012 (Sabtu)!!..
Celebration For
 “Crown Diamond Manager 2012”


 All together we celebrate CDM under team “Green Leaders Group” founded by CDM Hanis Haizi & CDM Razali Zain
see you guys at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam!!;)

Congrats to SM/SSM Award achievers!

Sales Manager & Senior Sales Manger, TAHNIAH
diucapkan!!..This is da first step of your achievement!.. TAHNIAH to all top
agent of premium beautiful especially my beautiful partners!!..keep it up!…
Just a few more steps to reach the top! i’m really proud of you guys to be in
my beautiful team!..lets rock & roll babeh~!!!..;)
Congrats kpd sm/ssm award achievers from adibah karimah premium beautiful
Held at Dewan PGRM, Cheras Kuala Lumpur on 8th of
September 2012!..Fun, energetic & fantastic!
My Top agent Zie Abdul ghani..Committed biz
partner from seremban!..Mom of two cuties kids boy & girl..still working as
manager at pearl haya senawang..so sesiapa yg berminat dgn tudung pearl haya
boleh contact zie ya!..special discount for client premium
beautiful!hehehe..choose this business as her part time job becoz she really
confident one day all her dream will come true maintain 6 figure
income!..nothing impossible dear!..keep it up & all da best zie! .;)
Zahirine Abd Rahman, my Top agent Putrajaya
& sri kembangan!..what i really know about irine, semangat beliau amatlah
berapi api!..kalau nak capai sesuatu mesti kena dapatkan & capai!..kalau x,
meroyan katanye..hehe…this month dah hampir2 to achieve her Jam
tangan!,..Irine also has a same story as me, rejoin with a new group!…that
why i always mention “be in da right group” is very important!…keep
it up irine, & all da best to you!..;)
 Here my new fresh biz partner from da
oven!..anak didik my Top agent Zahirine…name same as me!..adibah juga..can
you guess how old she is now?hehe..1st i know, really surprise!..she’s quite young actually!..inilah penangan premium beautiful kan k.dibah?always look young!..hahaha…choose
this biz as their part time &  have own butik pakaian!..seorang yang
tak mudah mengalah & pantang dicabar!..good luck to u dear..;)
Farhana Arapah my Top agent negeri
perak!..manjung, teluk intan, air tawar, lumut, itu sume kawasan jajahan
beliau..hehe..seorang yg kuat semangat, tak mudah mengalah & always
bangkit!..leader yg sgt komitted with her biz partners!..berulang alik dari
perak-kl untuk menimba ilmu di GLAM &B32..sume itu bukan halangan jika
kejayaan menanti dihadapan ana!..choose this biz as her full time..folllow da
leader katakan..ekekke..;)
My next protege, Suriyani..We know each other by
blogging..she is one of my silent reader..mebe dah lama just read my story, one
day she message me thru email..then we set app meet up!..after 2 hour meeting
& i explain the detail how to get a boombastic income in this business, tanpa
fikir panjang terus she take this good opportunity!.lagi fikir, lagi banyak yg
terfikir fikir nnti!…then terus je ambil peluang yg besar ni!.still manage
this biz as her part time job & still working as executive at universiti
pertahanan,sg besi..;)

DSM Julia Nazreen  my next protege under DDM Hasbi,
Top Agent Putrajaya..(yg sebelah kiri sekali)…Fighter ladies in young
age!..28th, single mingle & still working at one of kementerian at
putrajaya…ni  la pegawai audit yg org selalu takut2 kalau audit
dtg!..hahaha..energetic dlm berbiz & tak mudah mengalah!..”If you say
NO, I say next!”..itulah jue!..even still manage this biz as her part time
job, but still boleh bahagikan masa to make app!..kata beliau, spend time just
only 2 jam dlm sminggu to share this biz with others,  income lagi
berganda ganda compare to kerja hakiki!..:)..keep it up jue!..;)
 Here my old friend once upon a time at matrix changlun,
kedah!…before this i never approach su about what im doing..after one &
one achievement what i get, tak tertahan gerammnya, then she
yg approach me!hehehe….kata sue, sampai bila nak tengok kejayaan
orang lain & bila dia pulak nak merasa??…after i explain how, she agreed
to sign up as a member & now be my next shinning protege!…InsyaALLAH sue,
consistent, just follow every single step, & give full your commitment to
leaders, success is yours!…Sgt bersemangat nak capai impian beliau & soon
will achieve her first bonus 5 figure!..aminnn…;)..keep it up shu & all
da best to you!…;)
Dalam banyak2 bunga, timbul satu
kumbang!..hehehe…yang lain dan x bukan my jantung hati DDM Hasbi harun a.k.a
my laply hubby loll!..ketua keluarga in my family, tapi dalam biz terbalik
ye..ekeke…one of my biz partner yg sgt baik hati, penyabar dgn kerenah leader
dia sorang ni & tgk muka dia sejukk je mata memandang..da best part
“tersangat sporting” bebb! ;p (sila jgn muntah sy pujik cuami
sendirik tp itulah hakikatnya!hahaha ;p)…still manage this biz as her part
time job even have their own clinic at rawang!…sesape yg sakit bolehla datang
klinik beliau ye…;)
Tulang belakang zie yg always give her spirit
& motivation, Mr. Hakimi a.k.a her hubby…;)
All together, Adibah, farhana, hasbi harun,
adibah karimah, zie mohd ghani, zahirine
menimba ilmu blogging..
Kusyuk masing2!…;) Sempat lagi o group with
all beautiful partners kat luar dewan!.. melontarkan kata2 semangat & how
to manage blog…
 Happy face everyone with “Red Fresh

This is part of team under DSM Hafizah with her protege SM
Aminah & SM Zura…Top agent premium beautiful johor!…All together just
hot from oven biz partner sebulan yg lalu!…you know what bout DSM Hafizah?
even she now pregnant 5 month, tp sume itu bukan halangan untuk berbiznes,tp
lagi ligat!..just within one month dah qualified paris
& london,
qualified Jam tangan keramat madam becoz her achievement rm100,000 sales &
of course terus bolot her 1st bonus 5 figure income!!..whoot..whoot!!..awesome
right???!!..inilah dikatakan rezeki anak dalam perut…so, sesiapa yg tgh
pregnant di luar sana
tu, percayalah rezeki akan lebih bertambah2!..congratsss dear!!;)
Bermula dengan pose yg sopan!…smile & peaceee!…;)

Then, pose berbagai gaya
dengan “Red Fresh Flower”  masing2!…;)

Flying kiss without wings!..hahaha….;)

Acara nak lempar bunga la plak…macam ala2 lepas konvo
Show da flower specially from me!…;)
We all pemakai tegar “Premium Beautiful
Corset”…Young generation, energetic, fantasting ladies as a Top
Agent Premium Beautiful…lets be our team!..;)
Sidelines in green leaders group yg sporting!..ain ismail,
sha khalid, ayu hashim & me owner www.adibah karimah.com!

pose yg wajib with mentor CDM Hanis
Hanis!..Glamorous, gourgeous, fantastic & jutawan muda!..;)

My supporter in this biz, “Mum, friend &
mentor”…Jutawan Muda CDM Hanis Haizi Abdul Hamid!..without her
motivation, i cant stay here & who i am now!…I just follow her step &
just involve with green leaders group about 1 year!..but, just within one year
Alhamdulillah, berkat didikan beliau here i am adibahkarimah.com!…thanxs
mommy hanis!…hopefully, you can always guide me & my team sampai

Happy faces everyone!!…All together under team CDM Hanis
Haizi & CDM Razali Zain, we are “GREEN LEADERS GROUP
Thanxs to all my beautiful partners!!…Congrats once
again!!…You made it for first step & just waiting for your next
achievement!…unfortunately, ramai juga yg tak dapat hadirkan diri becoz of
work!..its ok others, we meet again for next award at DIAMOND NIGHT in
april!…more gorgeous with Top designer everyone!…;)
Lets be our part
Be in the right Group
We are da pioneer in Online marketing, 
we could conquer the world!