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A day with Jovian Mandagie and Rizman Ruzaini

New shawl collections from Jovian Mandagie has been launched!
On 8th May Jovian Mandagie had invited all GLAMpreneurs to have Hi tea with him…and the best part he purposely closed his boutique just to entertain GLAMpreneurs….that was cool right?..
Unfortunately, i was coming quite late that day becoz i had a shooting interview with Utusan Malaysia earlier in the morning… anyway, i was really enjoyed, happy & it was so exciting!..
For you guys whom not really know who is Jovian Mandagie, he is the one of famous & top designer in Malaysia.. ramai artist yg pakai his collection, org kenamaan & yg hi class person..hehehe…becoz, starting price to design with him start from RM4000++..;)
So, lets enjoy the moment with me yaww…;)

Trying new shawl collection from Jovian…price is not too bad..start from RM99++….

Ok, i love this then i take this one!

This one price from RM209++
Collection from Jovian Mandagie

Farah Fauzan wear this dress at ABPH..
Its time to buy…here my new collection shawl from Jovian
Part of my Awesomazing Team!
We really enjoyed to be here!..
owner www.adibahkarimah.com at Jovian Mandagie Boutique!
On the next day which is 9th, my partner Liya and i went to another Top designer in Malaysia Rizman Ruzaini.. Popular artists like Siti Nurhaliza, Erra Fazira, and Ziana Zain always wear dresses collection from Rizman Ruzaini..We actually looking for a dress to wear on Diamond Night this coming June…of course it must be looking gorgeous & glamorous gituu….Starting price with Rizman Ruzaini from RM2600++….;)

We are here at Rizman Ruzaini Creation..
Liya discuss with Rizman about her dress for Diamond Night!
Confirm with design, so jom ambil ukuran..;p
I am trying this dress used to be worn by Siti Nurhaliza…Rizman told me it so worth it to buy this one..Special price he gives me RM3000 only, very much less from retail price of RM8000!..hurmmm, let me think first ya..
Nice or not?..yang atas tu sequin.actually this dress has no sleeve..yg biru tu my baju ya..hehe..if i want this, rizman will do sleeve & all sequin..awesome!
Me with the owner Rizman…
Lets have a discussion..;)
This one has sentimental value..Not to buy just a collection..Top singer have been used this dress “Ziana Zain”..
This time temankan my partners pulak tempah baju with Top Designer in Malaysia Rizman Ruzaini..Congrats both my partners Kamaliyah & Hafizah first time tempah baju with designer & price is more than RM3000 per dress ok!..curlastt…used from bonus business only….first my collection designer with Ezuwan Ismail…Feel wear designer dress of course sgt teruja.tersangat happy..feel dia rasa lain macam..ala2 retis..haha,,;p
In this business nothing impossible…Hanya bermula dengan langkah yang pertama, join me ogether with this business, then I will show you how…so interesting! so happening!…only in Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM)..;)

Adibah Karimah in Utusan Malaysia

Salam all my lovely readers…
Good morning Friday…may happiness be with you all always..
Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all mothers in the world..
Don’t forget to read Utusan Malaysia today okey!
Adibah Karimah in Utusan Malaysia today in celebration of Mother's Day
with my second child…at front page Mega section

CDM Adibah Karimah in Utusan Malaysia today in celebration of Mother's Day

Adibah Karimah dalam Utusan Malaysia
Adibah Karimah

See you soon at London and Paris!

8 Days, 6 nights!
FREE of charge travel (FOC)
Just bring money for shopping & passport, then I can fly awayyy!..yeaahhh…
Its awesomazing right??;)
This is my 4th trip to Europe!..
1st – Switzerland
2nd – Belgium
3rd – Holland
4th & 5th – LONDON & PARIS 
Alhamdulillah, that i choose the right path to stay in this awesome business!..I can’t imagine, if i did not choose this business where i am now?..;P
So, whats my preparation?
Pound Sterling – checked!
Euro – checked!
Winter Coat / Jacket – checked!
Boot – checked
Glove – checked!
Camera & battery – checked!
 Burberry trench coat suit to me..so comfortable!
 Very smart casual by Ralph Lauren Jacket
 Us with winter jacket by Uniqlo
All these are very important!..especially enough money for shopping!…bab kata suamiku, mahu dileburrrrkan puluh2 ribu itu disana..kalau pegi KLCC tak leburrr cam ni..haha!..Inilah satu kepuasan!..bukan hari ni punya bonus, esok nak pakai terus..it must be the planned..of course from bonus every month i save some untuk tabung shopping london/paris!..funny right?..nak melontar peluru di negara Europe dengan satu kepuasan!.githuuu….I want to feel that..i work for it!…its cool if you have your saving especially for shopping only!..Heaven!!..haha..;)
Lets preview places we will be going..Start at LONDON then continue to PARIS….
Buckingham Palace, the residence of royal family

The Trafalgar Square erected to commemorate Lord Nelson’s defeat of French navy feet
The Trafalgar Square
Oxford Street Shopping, renowned for its world class shopping. Truly is the ultimate shopping destination

 Bicester Village shopping is one of nine chic outlet shopping villages, operated by Value Retail

 Board the hight-tech, super hi-speed train, Eurostar and cross the Eurotunnel to PARIS!
Galleries La Fayette..All designer branded item is here!..just named it!…

 When travel to Europe, is the must to enjoy a cruise on the River Seine

 Eiffel Tower Day view

Eiffel Tower at Night view

Of course I can’t wait to touch down overthere…Here i just see all the pictures from google, but wait!..very soon I will be in the pictures..hehe..So guys, Lets follow me at Insatgram “Adibah Karimah” to see what’s happening there…I will update each time by my IG

So where to go next?..Definitely we will fly to Asia “SHANGHAI”..your chance to get a FREE Trip to Shanghai is still open!.while i’m not here, here are my proteges you can call directly…

Husna – 013 205 8692

Sha – 017 387 9329
Faten Syazliza – 019 959 1209
Rosmawati – 017 914 0648
Lilis – 019 934 6374


Liya – 017 632 5633
Mardiana – 0168232703

Lets grab this good opportunity while package is still ON FREE Trip to Shanghai!

Upcoming GLOW in UTARA

What is G.L.O.W? = Green Leaders Orientation Week…
Specially for Green Leaders Academy Malaysia(GLAM) only…

What G.L.O.W give it to you?

The journey to become a successful entrepreneur is begin here..We teach you, we guide you step by step from zero to become a hero.. We are team online pioneer marketing lead by Cdm Hanis Haizi & Cdm Razali Zain..How to build your network expanding the world just only using the internet? Here our secret!…

In G.L.O.W we do not just teach you about online but more than that..How to manage your time with full time or part time business..Mostly my business partner 80% just doing this business as a part time..even part time their income mencecah 5 figure uolls!..amazing rite? ..we do online and people will find you easier!..Here’s our secret!

Kita merancang tapi Allah swt yang menentukan..Yang pasti kita tidak putus untuk berusaha pasti satu sijil kejayaan menanti anda!…

 True Indeed!
Petikan dari “Robert Kiyosaki” – Network marketing boleh berikan apa yang anda inginkan dari hidup biasa-biasa kepada hidup yang luar biasa…If I can choose, I choose network Marketing…;)..Alhamdulillah, i’m on the right track..”Freedom of life & Freedom of time”..You choose!..;)

Once in a month will have GLOW session..Together with business partners deliver the knowledge to grow & grow up the business…Kejayaan tidak akan datang bergolek tanpa ada tangan yang menghayun buaian…TEAMWORK Project!..;)
Alhamdulillah, my first G..L.O.W January 2013 successfully done at GLAM TTDI…

This is how we guide you in TEAM..Just follow every single step, duplicate the leader do then you will follow them to reach Top & success…
Not only G.L.O.W at lembah klang, also partners outside lembah klang…

So, where is next??…This coming weekend GLOW session will be at UTARA on 23th February 2013..
Orang2 utara also you can join us!..most welcoming..Boleh lihat sendiri cara our team guide by online & we not push people..people come to us!…
16th Mac 2013, I will at Borneo tanah air. Sabah…. Orang2 sabah can lock appointment with me from now…

Orang-orang UTARA tanah air, lock appointment with me now..how to do this business? what this business can give it to you? the secret is here…
Lets have coffee with me, then i will show you HOW!

Colours of my life 2012!

Hello 2013 and good bye 2012..!! I hope it’s not too late to say so..hehe 😉
I’m sorry for not updating my blog as frequent as before. It’s because i’d been in confinement and busy taking care of my newborn..Amir Khalif bin Hasbi.
Looking back in 2012, it was a wonderful bright year in my life. Year 2012 was my second year in this online business as a premium beautiful secret agent in Green Leaders Academy. Let’s recap my beautiful journey..enjoy the pics !! 
CDM Adibah Karimah makan bersama anak-anak yatim
GLAD (Green Leaders Activity Day)
Rumah Kasih Harmoni Paya Jaras
Award Celebration my achievement as Double Diamond Manager (DDM) on december 2011
Test drive
beemer..hopefully my dream will come true!..Felling drive
a beemer such a good things in my life!..unforgettable…
si cilik my 2nd child teruja..sabar ye dik…ekeke..;)
Im warded at gleneagles hospital…gastric pain bermalam 3 hari 2 malam..;(
Next mr hubby warded at Sunway hospital…;(
  Celebrating birthday my love at Mandarin Oriental….


 Celebration 100G Award my business partner
GLOW (Green Leaders Orientation Week)
SM/SSM Award


Seminar Diamond at Genting Highlands

Chosen by leaders as a testimonial business
Use my own payslip in business
(Keluarkan kereta kecil dulu yg besar next!..;p)
Be as a emcee at GLOW
FREE Trip to Vietnam
Photoshoot with  Hanis Haizi team!
FREE Trip to holland & Belgium
Diamond Night 3 awards in a roll…Diamond Sales Manager, Double Diamond Manager & Car Fund Award..I love to wear Ezuwan Ismail dresses~~..;)

Diamond Seminar under Green Leaders Group!
Celebration 100G award my biz partner a.k.a mr hubby Doc Hasbi Bin Harun
Blogging class as usual once in a month

FENDI cocktail event
FREE trip to Guangzhou
Green Leaders Academy was launched!
Celebrated my birthday in August
IFTAR at JW Marriot
Raya 2012
Test Drive & Booking my own beemer brand new one!
Social Media Marketing class under my team
Finally, BMW F30 Brand new officially is mine!
Video Shooting at HQ
Celebration my mum birthday
Majlis kesyukuran with qualifier London/Paris..will be fly this coming March 2013
CDM celebration Adibah Karimah at B32
CDM celebration Adibah Karimah at GLAM
Together celebrated my business partners achievement for DDM & 100G Award
IFF (Islamic Fashion Festival) @ JW Marriot
 Me as a speaker at Seminar SM/SSM Cycle 3 under GLAM
Journey to Johor Bharu
Social Media Marketing class at Johor Bharu under my leader Hafizah
Celebration My Achievement by Company at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam

GLAM Dinner Night

Power up session my diamonds with CDM Hanis Haizi

Alhamdulillah, my 3rd new baby born!..Amir Khalif (5.12.12)

Ready to move out my new house at condominium!



My boboboi 1st & 2nd went to school!

My First GLOW 2013 was done at GLAM!

Alhamdulillah, onak duri & liku kehidupan ditempuhi sepanjang 2012..So beautiful colours in my life start i joined into this business!..I wish this year 2013 will be more happening & more achievement under my team!..glad to be one of team members under Green Leaders Group!…;)

Let’s go to Shanghai for FREE!

Shanghai is my next destination!
FREE TRIP package to SHANGHAI is officially ON!!..
let’s purchase your ticket with me now!..everyone can fly…hehehe..but not with air asia ya..;p..its all 5 stars treatment!..;)
Alhamdulillah, pada mulanya my passion to join this premium beautiful business hanya nak tambah side income, bantu family..Melancong of coursela my hot button..tapi, mulanya cakap dalam hati, kalau tak dapat melancong pun xpe asalkan dapat duit riban2 bulan2 pun dah syukur alhamdulillah!..Salah jangkaanku..Bila dapat income bulan2 and of course FREE TRIP melancong pun datang sekali…so, siapa tak nak kan??…income + melancong percuma!..;)
Overall after 1 year & half join this business dgn CDM Hanis Haizi, 3 x melancong sudahku tapau..hehe..
1) Europe Trip Holland & Belgium
Free trip to Holland and Belgium with premium beautiful and Biozone online business
2) Asia Tenggara Trip Vietnam
Free trip to Vietnam with premium beautiful and Biozone online business
3) Asia Trip Guangzhou
Free trip to Guangzhou with premium beautiful and Biozone online business
4) Europe Trip Paris & London! (will fly this coming march!!..can’t waitttt…;))
Free trip to London and Paris with premium beautiful and Biozone online business
Next, Shanghai will be my next destination!…can you see da flow?..3 times in a year…awesome!! & all is FREE babeh….
So, you guys still have a big chance to get SHANGHAI as your first trip with us!..Package starts Januari until April..so, lets join us today!
Free trip to Shanghai City with premium beautiful and Biozone online business

Free trip to Qibao Shanghai with premium beautiful and Biozone online business

Free trip to Shanghai town with premium beautiful and Biozone online business

Free trip to Shanghai Old Street with premium beautiful and Biozone online business
let’s have a cup of coffee and i’ll will show you how..

Celebrating Hai-O 20th Anniversary

Come and join us in this coming event on 24th nov 2012 (saturday) to celebrate Hai-O Marketing 20th anniversary at stadium Malawati Shah Alam!!..It’s 20, the number speaks for itself!..It shows how big & sturdy is our company right??….The event of course will be Grandious! fantastic! happening & gorgeous with many beautiful dresses on stage created by top designers!!..  I can feel da heat by now!..seriously sooo nervous & of course speechless!!…;)
Celebrating CDM Adibah Karimah, a top agent of premium beautiful corset and biozone food purifier in Hai-O 20th anniversary
why??..becoz im da one who will be celebrated by company for my achievement on highest level which is 
“CROWN DIAMOND MANAGER”!..Alhamdulillah!..;)
1st time i came here, time tu with old team!…time tu really excited dtg semata mata from kedah to shah alam nak tgk my idol celebrity cdm Hanis Haizi!..even tho she never knew who is Adibah Karimah!..;p..teruja sgt tgk si Hanis pakai blue dress & turban made by top designer “Jovian mandagie”..how luck she is!..buat bisnes premium beautiful saje siap dapat tempah dgn top designer!..curlasttt!!..time tu mmg dah pasang angan2 nak jadi macam hanis jugak & nak amik award atas stage here!…when you believe it, you also can achieve it!!..JUST DO IT & NEVER GIVE UP!!..success will be yours!!..;)
tik tok tik tok~!!..sesungguhnya cepat masa berlalu…& now its my TURN!!…Alhamdulillah, my dream come true!!..setiap perjalanan ada onak duri liku, tapi bila kita percaya dengan rezeki ALLAH & sentiasa berusaha tak kenal erti putus asa pasti KEJAYAAN milik kita!..”Besarkan IMPIAN, jelaskan MATLAMAT“!…;)

So, whats da event will gonna be??..lets have a look!..;)
For my dress i prefer one of Top Designer in Malaysia which is “Zery Zamry”..!!..why I choose him??… because his dresses are so attractive and creative!… i follow his instagram too!..lot of new designs yg sangat cantik, lain dari yg lain & fantastic!.. you can try search his blog & instagram, i am sure you guys also love  his design!..price?? it’s very worth it…;)..ibarat sebelah tangan..ekekeke..;p

Make up will be done by epie temerloh!..make up artist for dato’ siti nurhaliza…seriously i deep in love with his touch especially bahagian mata…people said he create his own eye lashes, thats why different with others..but i do not know, nnti sabtu ni jumpa epie nak tanya sendirik..gheee..;p…i also follow his instagram & make me once again excited to choose him as my MUA!…;)..here the pics hasil creativity by epie temerloh!..

All done by “Epie Temerloh”…awesome right??..;)

For my photographer of that day, my fren suggests me one experience photographer.. i see his works before & satisfied!..tanpa fikir panjang i choose him to be my paparazzi on that day!…really hope all my pictures shot perfectly!…photographer is really important on that day…kenanganku sepanjang hayat~~..isnt it?..persandingan kali kedua with laply hubby…even dah nak masuk anak 3 loll!…heheheh….;)

So, what will happen on this coming event on 24th nov??..lets check it out here~~…;)

Best artist performance gabungan 2 suara emas  
“Dayang Nurfaizah & Shila Amzah”!!..

Lucky draw is waiting for you!!..what??

Hadiah lucky draw yg BOOMBASTIC & many many more~~!!!…beside that you also can get RM100 voucher for every purchased ticket!..kat mana nak dapatkan FREE ticket??
Now, tickets is SELLING FAST!!…
just left 2 days more~!!..siapa cepat dia dapat!!…its FREEE!!
Call @ message me!

Johor Bahru daku datang!

This coming Friday (16th november 2012) I will be in Johor Bahru!!..akan berkampung di sana till Sunday (18th november 2012)… So guys, grab this chance to book your appointment with me NOW & be part of our team under GREEN LEADERS GROUP (GLG)!!.. I will share everything with u guys about this business.. How this business can go far, can generate income 4 to 5 figures every month~!!..;)
Adibah Karimah akan ke Johor Bahru utk share peluang bisnes premium beautiful corset dan biozone food purifier
How to avoid all this thing??…must have da way right??…;)
This business is sooo EASY, becoz we 
“Just follow da step & follow da leader”..
We do by group, by teamwork..if we work alone, we can’t go far…I will show u step by step how to achieve your dream & chase your dream!!
Adibah Karimah akan ke Johor Bahru utk share peluang bisnes korset premium beautiful dan biozone food purifier
I really enjoy, happy with my life now!!no need to rush everyday to punch card at office in early morning..my work, its depend on me!! Tengah2 bulan senyum lebar bila tgk income every month masyukkk!!..not only me, but my partners also same like me..;)
Adibah Karimah berkongsi bisnes premium beautiful corset dan biozone food purifier
Adibah Karimah share peluang bisnes biozone food purifier dan premium beautiful corset
CDM Adibah Karimah share peluang bisnes biozone food purifier dan premium beautiful corset
besides, if you buy premium beautiful corset now, you could get cash rebate up to rm4500!!
Top agent cdm Adibah Karimah share peluang bisnes biozone food purifier dan premium beautiful corset
Holla me here!
( 019-6615447)

Sheer Driving Pleasure!

Sheer Driving Pleasure!..whose tagline is this?…can you guess??..gheee.;p..it’s from BMW… Elegant and exclusive lagi menawan..;) its nothing impossible when your start to believe in yourself on what you do and what you want to target & achieve in your life!..for me, memiliki kereta idaman BMW is one of my dream!..syukur dipertemukan dengan bisnes premium beautiful ni. Semua orang mahu milik, hanya mampu @ tidak sahaja..am i right??…;p
Last weekend.. my hubby, mr raz and me went to BMW at Damansara to book a brand new 3 series yg baru keluar iaitu BMW F30!.. dah lama tunggu for this one, finally officially launched in malaysia & ready in stock!..phewsss!!..;) dalam hati kecilku, betul ke nak booking ni or survey2 je dulu..cdm hanis even from milan keep on supporting me, “BELI TERUS JE DIBA”..hehehe…nasib buat biz, ayat beli terus je tu macam beli ikan bilis je kat pasar makk..ekekke.. tapi dalam biz ni it’s nothing impossible beli terus je even ribu riban!..just follow da leaderrr..;p
lets have a look the pictures!…its awesome!!..;).

Adibah Karimah a premium beautiful top GLG agent at BMW to test drive new F30

BMW tagline “Sheer Driving Pleasure”…Elegant, Exclusive & Impressive…;)

Adibah Karimah a premium beautiful retailer top GLG agent at BMW to test drive new F30

Adibah Karimah a premium beautiful online top agent at BMW to test drive new F30

Premium beautiful top GLG agents at BMW to test drive new F30

Mr hasbi & Mr raz survey2 then start with BMW 328i…price compared to 320i differs around rm50k..

Premium beautiful top agent at BMW to test drive new F30 328i 3 series

I like this colour metalic silver!…for ladies so elegant & soft looking…;)

Premium beautiful top bloggers from GLG agent at BMW to test drive new F30

lets push the button to start da engine!..;p

Hasbi dan CDM Raz both premium beautiful top GLG agent at BMW to test drive new F30

Ambil feel in new car!..driver & passenger..ekekeke…;)

Adibah Karimah a premium beautiful top GLG agent at BMW showroom

Testing!..testing!…Mr raz already have 2 beemer..this time he come to support biz partner to buy & become a middleman also..haha..becoz he really expert about BMW..husband of CDM Hanis Haizi…;)

Adibah Karimah a premium beautiful top GLG agent at BMW to buy F30 320i

luas seat belakang ni…sgtla selesaaaa….;)

Adibah Karimah a premium beautiful Green Leaders group at BMW to test drive new F30

NOW, its my turn to have a feeling!..

Adibah Karimah a premium beautiful corset top online marketing agent at BMW

adibahkarimah.com @ BMW damansara testing BMW F30!…;)

CDM Adibah premium beautiful top agent at BMW to test drive new F30

It’s time to test drive BMW F30…start with petrol variant 320i first then followed by diesel 320d…initially mr hubby more interested in diesel becoz of more torque power…. but when you hear da sound of diesel ada sedikit bunyi macam pikap hilux… hehe ;p… walaupun actually this diesel engine noise is a lot much reduced in F30 compared to previous model, we still prefer petrol engine..
In fact, the 320d sound is quieter than our previous Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor. Sampai ada sedara kat kampung tanya kereta you rosak ke?  hehe.. taknaklah nanti kalau pakai 320d ada orang cakap kereta rosak lagi… 😉 Finally, we decided to take 320i.. more suitable for business purpose.

CDM Adibah Karimah a premium beautiful top GLG agent at BMW showroom

After test drive, we were served with cake & coffee…its awesome!..sebab perut pun mmg dah lapar becoz bz seharian ke sana ke mari… macam secret recipe pun ada loll…;)…this time we have a discussion with the salesman. He is nice person, & you guess what??..we are going to get 6% cash rebate! that’s a lot of cash tu… if any of you nak beli BMW boleh bgtau i nanti boleh arrange appointment and get that cash rebate too! i will introduce you this good salesman…;)
Here, BMW 320i sport red metalic colour!…mmg tersangat elegant!..;)

 CDM Adibah at BMW to buy new F30 as for premium beautiful business car

CDM Adibah Karimah at BMW to buy new F30 as for premium beautiful business car

CDM Adibah at BMW to buy new F30 320i as for premium beautiful business car

Which one do you prefer?..white, red or black!??…seriously, berpinar mata nak choose colour…but, white colour is the last on the list….sebab senang nampak kotor kan kalau hujan or calar bagai..hehehe…

CDM Adibah at BMW showroom to buy new BMW F30 as for premium beautiful business car

Fuhhhh!!….both are smart!…red or black? black or red?…merah hitam, hai o perjuanganku,…hehehhe…;)

CDM Adibah a premium beautiful top agent at BMW to buy new F30 as for business car

CDM Adibah a premium beautiful top online agent at BMW to buy new F30 as for business car

Can you guys guess which one i chose?… hurmmm, soon will be officially mine!!..then you will see…just wait for it ok!!….;)
“There is no ending to your dreams or plans… Life is a journey from a moment to another.. Live each moment to it’s fullest….”

Welcome back adibahkarimah.com

Welcome back WWW.ADIBAHKARIMAH.COM to online.. Hampir dua minggu blog ni hilang disebabkan masalah teknikal. I’m sure ramai yang confiuse what was happened to my blog. Actually, this domain ADIBAHKARIMAH.COM had expired on 13th August. Tak perasan yang automatic renewal via credit card setting not working. E-mail notification was sent a few days before expiration date pun i tak perasan….yang elert email from client to know about pakaian dalam premium beautiful & how to generate income!..yg lain buat boolayan sajorkk!ekekke…(padanlah muka sendirik..;p)
Welcome back www.adibahkarimah.com selepas 2 minggu hilang sebab kena hack from premium beautiful GLG Top Agent

Seriously, my feeling that time rasa nak marah, mengamuk pun ada loll…yela, macam mana boleh x alert benda-benda yg important cenggini kan…mula2 email diaorg keep on asking, tapi lambat sgt reply, we decided to call direct to US!…kenala bersengkang mata tunggu diaorg masuk kerja becoz time zone x sama 12 jam!.(mcmla tunggu, asben jugak yg sengkang mata..ekekke..;p)..you guess what??diaorg cakap my domain www.adibahkarimah.com ada org dah beli!..OH NO!!!..this is my trademark for my business!..this time i wondering, mesti ada hackers yang waiting domain2 famous (perasan sendiri fames ;p) yg nak expired & tak alert!..mmg dunia internet boleh buat duit segala ok..;p..

Gembira blog www.adibahkarimah.com kembali selepas 2 minggu hilang sebab kena hack from premium beautiful GLG Top Agent

Luckily, i have my handsome husband yg baik hati yg tak kenal erti DO NOT GIVE UP to keep on trying & trying!!..finally, i get back my domain!! yg lg terbaik, si pembeli yg dirahsiakan nama itu transfer balik domain ni to us just for FREE one year!!..(baiknya hati si dia tu)….tapiiii, fullamak!! terrornya husband adibahkarimah ni! (pujikla skit..ekekek).. tak tahula my hubby deal macam mana, tapi  sangat bersyukur ya allah!!..Alhamdulillah!!…sesiapa yg nak tahu macam mana, nak belajar bolehla appointment with doc hasbi..ekeke…memang bukan boleh jadi doctor manusia saje, doktor pakar IT pun boleh selain doctor pakar jiwa, hati dan raga si isterik!..tq very much to you my darling hubby Doc hasbi bin harun!..really appreciate it!..pengajaran di sini, terus renew domain ni for 5 years terus!!..hahaha.;)

what have i learned here, when you do something just keep on doing! keep on trying!..but da results semua di tangan ALLAH swt…tapi bila kita teruskan usaha perjuangan x kenal erti putus asa, pasti mahligai KEJAYAAN menanti di hadapan..itulah peganganku sampai bila2..i always remind to all my partners, please


 A lot of things to share with you guys all my lovely readers!..last september was my beautiful month!..new comer business partners from all around malaysia, new achievement has been recorded. Even though banyak cabaran, dugaan yg ALLAH berikan alhamdulillah everything going smoothly…setiap ujian pasti ada hikmah!…Alhamdulillah!..;)..so, wait for my next entry ya!..;)

Look FORWARD with hope, not BACKWARD with regret!;)
with love,

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