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CDM Adibah Karimah Celebration

Salam to all my readers!!..sooo sorry chips more seketika…a lot of things need to be settled in october, a lot of events..photoshoot, videoshoot for Ulang Tahun Syarikat di Shah Alam on this coming 24th November!!..excited!!..overall, im so impressed!!..berkat cekal usaha berterusan, finally what i have been waiting for sudah menjadi kenyataan!!..nothing impossible in this awesome premium beautiful business.;)
Here i am “ADIBAH KARIMAH ABDUL MAJID” now officially new CDM on september under Green Leaders Group!!…;)..syukur padamu Ya ALLAH…
My 1st Celebration was done at stokis B32, batu caves where specially reserved night for green leaders group only!..as you know guys, kalau under green datang serbu dewan b32 dah penuh melimpah sampai ke tangga… thank you cdm kak ana, cdm abg lan, cdm chan and madam lam for your understanding in this matter…alhamdulillah, da celebration night was really awesome!..successful & green leaders group have made it!..;)..thanxs also to stokist for cake & bonia handbag!..appreciate it…;)
so guys, what are you waiting for??..lets have a look & enjoy da pictures!!..;)
CDM Adibah Karimah celebration at B32 stockist, a new cdm in premium beautiful business

Congratulations to one of my team member for her achievement RM100,000 sales in a month!…mother for cheeky boy & now pregnant for 7 months!..all da way from johor pasir gudang!..salute dgn semangat fiza even preggy mummy, tidak meletakkan alasan di depan..malah hanya kata2 positif, semangat yg membara sahaja yg beliau nampak utk kecapi kejayaan!!…congrats again dear..;)

CDM Adibah Karimah celebration at B32 stockist, a new cdm in premium beautiful biz

Second achievement in my team, congratulations for my lovely hubby!..DDM Dr. Hasbi bin harun for his achievement RM720,000 sales…DDM stands for double diamond manager iaitu pangkat ke empat tertinggi before CDM!…one of my commited biz partner too selain my bodyguard kesana ke mari hari2!..ekekek..;p..

CDM Adibah Karimah celebration, a new cdm in premium beautiful business

Here we all together under green leaders group bersama anak didik masing2 achieved target RM100,000 sales in a month!.. congrats green..;)

CDM Adibah Karimah in Green leaders group of premium beautiful business

crowd of the day!..full house babeh!…gelombang hijau memenuhi stokist B32….;)
Its now my turn untuk potong cake!…now, officially “CDM Adibah Karimah”.…***!!;)
CDM Adibah Karimah in Green leaders group of premium beautiful
All celebrated partners!!;)..started with acara potong memotong cake!..;)

CDM Adibah Karimah potong kek from Green leaders group of premium beautiful business

CDM Adibah Karimah dan dr hasbi from Green leaders group of premium beautiful business

CDM Adibah Karimah dan dr hasbi harun from Green leaders group of premium beautiful

ala-ala pengantin baru pon ada loll!..;p
Thanks to all who make me very happy on that night &
makes me feel touch with lots of fresh flowers!..really appreciated it!!..love you guys…;)

CDM Adibah Karimah dan dr hasbi harun from Green leaders group of premium beautiful corset biz

Kek utk cdm adibah karimah, top agent premium beautiful from green leaders group

Symbolic of  beemers cake specially from my team!!..tenqiu!..im luvin it!…;)

Kek utk cdm adibah karimah drp cdm chan stokis b32, a premium beautiful agent from green leaders group

Kek utk cdm adibah karimah, top agent premium beautiful from green glg

fresh flowers!!.like..like..like!..;)

kek dan bunga for cdm adibah karimah, premium beautiful top agent

tq everyone for da gift!..;)

After that, surprise gift from mommy hanis!!…owhhh…really exciteddd!!…lama sudah ku nanti akhirnya will be mine!…gheee…;)…apekah ituuu??…jom intai2…

kek dan bunga for cdm adibah karimah, premium beautiful top agent from glam

hanis said : please pass that bag!…surpriseeee…
(memasing teruja ok!…;p)

kek dan bunga for cdm adibah karimah from hanis haizi, a premium beautiful top agent

huwahhhhh!!…cepattt..dah x sabar nak buka ni…ekekeke…;p

kate spade beg for cdm adibah karimah online biz premium beautiful top agent

slowly…slowly babeh….mahal nih….;p

branded kate spade handbag for cdm adibah karimah, premium beautiful top agent

“KATE SPADE”!!…bulat mata2 uolls!!…terkejutzz memasing!..hahahaha

cdm hanis haizi gave kate spade to cdm adibah karimah, premium beautiful top agent


tu diaaa!!…branded handbag from “kate spade”!!…wohoooo!!..lompat bintang!!..ribu riban ni uoollsss…;)

mommy hanis mmg da best ok!…;)

Adibah karimah with new branded purple handbag “kate spade”…tq soo much CDM Hanis haizi..really proud to be one of CDM in your team under green leaders group!…tenqiu momma!…;)

Aksi2 spontan!!…from my very sporting mentor & all my beautiful partners!!….havoc!!!..;)

kek dan bunga for cdm adibah karimah online premium beautiful top agent

handbag kate spade for cdm adibah karimah, premium beautiful top agent


Together couple husband & wife “CDM Adibah Karimah & DDM Doc. Hasbi bin harun”

Here are all under my team for september achievement RM100,000 sales in a month!…;)..Congratulations DSM Hafizah, DSM Zahirine & SSM shuhada!..all together akan diterbangkan ke paris & london 8 days, 5 night!..all FREE of charge sponsored by company!…will fly on this coming march 2013!..insyaALLAH….;)…lets aim more partners!..siapkan duit shopping pula ye…woweeeee.;)

DSM Hafizah

DSM hafizah with her supportive hubby!..;)

DSM Zahirine

with DSM Zahirine team, SM liyana, SM arfa & SSM Jumnah adibah!…:)

DSM Julianazreen
DSM Julianazreen with her team..SSM Nini & SSM yana!;)
DSM Shuhada
DSM Shuhada with her protege SSM Husna
DSM Zie Mohd Ghani
SSM Farhana Syafie
 Supportive & sporting husband!!…;)
One of my idol  in this business, CDM Salha zain..sentiasa vogue da vas!…;)

CDM Maisarah my sidelines under team CDM hanis who always give me motivation & support me to go far in this business!…one of my idol too…;)

Alhamdulillah, celebration on that night was succesfull!..Green really awesome!…thanxs to my mentor CDM Haniz haizi, CDM razali zain, my backbone mr hubby DDM Hasbi bin harun, all my beautiful partners under my team & all members under green leaders group!..thanxs for coming & support me that night…really appreciate it!..;)
Next celebration was done at GLAM (green leaders academy malaysia)… more grand!…so, stay tuned for next entry celebration at GLAM!..;)
overall, choose to be in da right group, right team!..
choose GLAM!..seriously you wont regret it!..
Be part of my team, 
(019 6615447)

Happy New Year 2012..!!! i’m getting a new boyfriend…

Salam Everyone!!!
Have a good day today ya~~
actually i’d like to share with all my lovely blog readers about my 2012 goalsss…
in this beautiful business to be
what bout the title?..gheee…
Lets check it out here guys…
#1 goal for 2012:::
I want to become a Crown Diamond Manager by September 2012…i’ll work harder and cross the boundaries as far as i can…
#2 goal for 2012:::
I must get my biz partners to achieve their targets as well…at the end of 2012, there must be at least 1 CDM, 2 DDM, 5 DSM and many others in my team…

#3 goal for 2012:::
I want to bring my biz partners as many as possible in every holiday trip… it should be a bus full of my team…

#4 goal for 2012:::

I want to help my biz partners to achieve rm100,000 sales a month… at least one achiever every month…everyone should have this priceless watch rewarded by stockist…
#5 goal for 2012:::
I want to be like my mommy cdm hanis…be a dress elegant…huhuu…gonna get myself branded handbags, shoes and a perfect dress for my special day created by a top-notch fashion designer…
#6 goal for 2012:::
I want to get a new ‘boyfriend’… preferably a German bloke…my hubby said, it’s good to have one because he could take me anywhere i want safely…since my hubby is sometimes busy at work… he doesn’t mine…gheeee…
which one is more handsome?? forget about the muscle ok! hehe…
alright…i think that’s all…anyway, i can only plan, Allah will do the rest… insya-Allah everything will go smoothly…

What about YOU?? want to share your 2012 goals with me?? maybe I could help u to reach your goals..;D

call me:::

Adibah 019-6615447

Happy New Year 2012:::!!!

Salam uolls…!!! i hope it’s not too late to wish “Happy New Year 2012”
…it’s now Year 2012 !! ummm…bye-bye 2011… year 2011 has passed with thousands memories……when i looked back…there were moments of joy and excitement along my journey in this lovely business..thank to Allah for all those blessings in 2011….

Let’s recap my journey in 2011….

i stepped in 2011 with empty hands….walaupun i dah pun dlm bisnes ni secara fulltime but my income mcm chipsmore…kejap ade kejap takde….not becoz i didn’t do my homework tp ntahla…mungkin takde rezeki… one of the reasons for sure i takde teamwork….that’s why i should say it’s the best to be in the right group

…at the meantime i was admiring cdm hanis…i follow je aktiviti dia through blog n fb dia…honestly, she was my inspiration to continue this biz…..

April 2011….when i first met with cdm hanis n her husband cdm raz…they were so friendly and understanding…i wished i’ve met her earlier…

…finally i rejoined directly under cdm hanis in early June 2011…tu pun lepas fikir masak2, n ada jugak suara2 yg tak setuju … doesn’t matter, becoz in the end it’s me to decide for myself…which path to go…

…so my new journey has begun….with consistent work and strong back up from cdm hanis n cdm raz…i chose to accept their guide and advise in every words..never said ‘no’ to them.. becoz it’s the way it should be for everyone if they want to succeed…as the results…i’ve achieved several awards and contest…

….Jam Tangan & Hamper award for RM100,000 Sales a month…
free trip to Holland & Belgium..
…helped my biz partner to achieve RM100,000 sales a month..
…finally, praise to Allah The Beneficent…i’m now DDM Adibah 2012… my closure for year 2011…


Adibah 019-6615447