seminar sm/ssm 2011~~…

Hye everyone!! has been almost 2 weeks ago, on 10/12/11…i’d attended a grandious seminar conducted by CDM hanis haizi…held at Eastin Hotel in PJ…a crowd of 300++ biz partners from all over malaysia….fuisshhh~~!!!..ramai yang nak menimba ilmu “how to become a successful person , how to guide biz partner & mcm2 lagi….;)
Im soooo lucky to be in this group becoz every knowledge being passed down step by step…Uollsss kat luar sana ada x cenggini…ekekeke….

Seminar started quite early with registration open at 8am..I tak rush pon that morning coz i overnight kat Eastin Hotel…biasala blom expert lg jalan dari wangsa melawati to eastin hotel..nak harapkan gps yg slalu calculating,calculating..ahaksss…so, problem settled …~~!!!…

Alhamdulillah…dapat cop tempat dpn & first 4 rows dari dpn all were my Biz partners….muka2 excited nak timba ilmu~~!!!

1st speaker, was CDM Razali Zain..a.k.a husband CDM Hanis Haizi…delivered a speech with da title “Takwim Syarikat”…very important!!..if we knew what was takwim syarikat, we would fight for it!!…;)

2nd speaker was CDM Salha Zain…with da Title Online Business…becoz group ini sgt sinonim dgn nama group internet, so step by step diajar how to generate numerous friends in Facebooking & Blogging….

3rd speaker was CDM Maisarah…she talked about “konsep FORMH, ABC…”..amat penting untuk absorb dalam business ni…

4th speaker..bakal CDM Sha Khalid..speech on “Berdikari”..siapa yg cepat berdikari lg cepat nak maju ke hadapan…”Jangan asyik terasa, nnti bila nak merasa”..renung2kan…;)

Last speaker, Our top leader in this group…CDM Hanis Haizi..delivered a speech ” IF U CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN BECOME IT”…siapa yg percaya & yakin pada kebolehan diri, Confirm BOLEH!!!…

And last but not least (hehee)..sebagai penutup tirai, hanis invited me in front to give a short speech as a testimonial and to share my journey in this business to audience…gugup jgn cakapla time tu…tp masa cakap terover semangat!!..ekekeke…anyway, thanxs to Hanis & Raz for giving me faith n this chance…

I was so lucky to be picked on that day…even though just a short speech, tapi rs sgt bertuah!!..I love to share with people how i do this business…let’s DUIT together people, this is the best job ever!!!…;)

Lastly, pics with my biz team…jom layansss…;)

Top Agent Lembah Klang Pimpinan SSM sha…pino & ana

Top Agent Terengganu…SSM Juliza Jusoh

Top Agent Kuantan…SSM Yusrina

Top Agent Utara (Kedah, Penang )…SSM Asma & SSM wawa

Top Agent Lembah Klang, Seremban, Perak…Pimpinan DSM Effa Mustafa

Top Agent Seremban & Lembah Klang…SSM Zie Ghani & Hani

Top Agent Doctor2…Pimpinan SSM Dr. Dina..Dr.Zaf & Aimi (Sorry pics docs group tertinggal..;p)

Acara gediks, itu mesti..gheeeee;p

Ion Ladies in my Team…Yeahhh!!..Go girl…;)

Supportive husband…took leave 3 hours semata mata nak tgk wifey berucap dpn…Thanxs hubby!!…Becoz of u, im really insiped to do this ya!!…;)

Pics with our team leader CDM Hanis Haizi…Overall thanxs uolls for coming from Lembah Klang, Selangor, Terengganu, Kuantan, Perak, Kedah, Perlis & Seremban…Biz partner yg lain x dapat hadir, we shall meet again in next seminar ya!!..

Ok guys, till we meet again in next, Diamond Seminar….!!!..peaceeeee;)

Who want’s to be my next apprentice??;)
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(Kredit pics to cdm hanis haizi, samsung galaxy tab)

Seremban here i come!!!

Hello people!! I will be leaving to seremban tomorrow (21th june-Tuesday)..Watch out guys!!Make some time to meet me & I’ll be glad to share my business with u guys…Do contact me for book your appointment wif me tomorrow…hurry up!!hurry up!!hurry up!!

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